weekends are for you and me

I love weekends mainly because I get to spend some time together with Andreas. We don’t really have much time during the week, but we try our best to clear up at least one whole day in the weekend to spend together.

Sometimes less is more though 😀 And too much of anything can make you sick. So I am in no way complaining about our timing situation. I definitely think it’s better and healthier to crave each other’s company then to be sick of it 😀

Unfortunately for Andreas, I have made a habit to wake up early, so even in the weekends I wake up around 8:30 and just torture him to get up with me 😀 . It’s great practise for him, if one day he decides to have kids.  Anywho… I love spending time outside during the weekend and try to stay home as little as possible.

We Feat

We started our weekend out with a quick stop at We Feat, as he didn’t have time to check them before. It was also my first time trying out their matcha latte. And they didn’t disappoint, it was delicious! But in general I am quite a fan of this place ever since they opened. They have done outstanding job with the interior design and most importantly HAVE MATCHA LATTE.

wefeat aalborg veronicca blog
The logo – handsome viking chewing on a straw. Not bad!

I might be wrong, but this is the ONLY place in town you can get matcha latte!
Whaaat?!…I know… madness!
I have asked for it in so many places, and no one makes it yet. You can buy Matcha powder at Penny Lane, but yeah… not really what I am asking for 😀 .

matcha latte at wefeat
They even made beautiful matcha latte art <3

matcha latte at wefeat veronicca blog

matcha latte at wefeat

matcha latte aalborg

matcha latte aalborg
Favorite Pokemon

The guys who started the place are so sweet, and know how to create a great atmosphere, another reason why I really appreciate the place.
wefeat aalborgwefeat aalborg
The fact that they are first movers in town, bringing a completely and exclusively organic menu makes me respect them even more 😀 . But to be honest… it’s all about the matcha 😀 ! It was about time someone bring it to town! (I am huge matcha fan and soon I will show you how to make matcha latte at home and where I get my matcha powder from.)

Afterwards we just went on walking around in town. I love taking walks together with him, and even though it’s cold AF it could be so nice and refreshing!

veronicca popova blog
Picture of me and a stranger hanging out in town.
veronicca blog
I am such a stalker.

We went on taking few snaps for the blog. Andreas hates taking my pictures 😀 . I don’t see why! 😀 Naah just kidding, I know It can be hella annoying.  But he is the sweetest and always helps me with this kind of things :* .
veronicca popova blogYou can see more snaps of this look HERE. 

At some point in our walking through town adventure we realised we haven’t ate all day 😀 . So decided to try the Pandekagehuset near the harbour ( it means pancake house) Reaaaaly delicious pankaces. I got one with salmon, mozzarella and rucola.
There is no snap of Andreas’s as at this point he couldn’t take my picture-ing anymore 😀 so I let the man eat at peace  😀 .
veronicca popova blog

veronicca popova blog
It was delicious, but way too big (that’s what she said!). RIP diet.

After dinner, I stopped by We Feat as they were holding a small house warming / get together. Got to meet some really sweet people and learned a bit more about the concept of the place. But most importantly, there was free champagne and free tattoo corner :O. Didn’t get any tattoos, but sure took advantage of the free champagne 😀 .
we feat aalborgAnywho, I sticked around for awhile there and then Andreas came to pick me up. We headed to town for some drinks but It was way too cold already so we just grabbed a bite and went home.
That was it for my Saturday. Sunday was all about chill at home, with some reading, studying, work, good music, movies and  hygge.

veronicca popova blog
Sunday hygge

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and it wasn’t too long 😀 . I would love to hear how you like to spent your weekends! Talk to you later and have a beautiful day!

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