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Hey, guys hope you are well! Today we are talking all shoes and bags! Hope you enjoy this entry :).

Versace 19.69 is one of the brands that has conceptualised fashion, and this is probably the reason why they have taken the market by storm. It’s not just a purse or just a pair of shoes. It’s an expression of personality, of desire, of freedom. The values of the fashion house are strong and soaked into every line they produce. Fashion is one of the most transient industries and Versace19.69 is successfully creating a legacy.
Aalborg Lifestyle Blgoger with focus on Fashion - Stiletto Outfit
Aalborg Fashion Blogger - High Stilettos from Versace
Now let’s talk about those gorgeous shoes… I am 1.82cm when I wear my heels! Heads turn, men smirk and woman admire the beauty of the stilettos. The design is so simple and elegant. I love the casual chic look when paired with skinny jeans or cigarette pants. The heel it 10,5 but surprisingly they are pretty comfortable. Once you are used to the height you will be fine :). You can find them HERE.
Fashion blogger fra Aalborg - Veronika Popova

The purse is also from Malacus.dk, and you can find it HERE.  It has plenty of space and if you ask me works wonderfully as an everyday/work purse :).

Stiletto shoes from Versace 19.69
Just chilling here at Aalborg’s harbour, admiring my shoes 😀 …


Malacus.dk is a webshop based in Aalborg, with over 70 international designer brands, offering accessories for man and woman, owned by Betina Mikkelsen. The store is one of the very few webshops in Denmark offering big international brands like Gucci, Prada and Bottega Veneta. The shop also has exclusive rights to sell Jane Carr in Denmark. If you are not familiar with the products here you can check some of them.

The business & tech-savvy Carrie Bradshaw of Aalborg

This is how I see Betina, and this is why I also find her pretty inspiring. She transformed her passion for aesthetics and quality in shoes into a successful business that she runs by herself. Pretty neat.
When Betina, was younger, she used to travel a lot to some of the biggest fashion capitals of the world like New York, Paris and Milan. Those were the days her passion for designer accessories was born. Walking down Maddison Avenue she couldn’t help herself but wish all those huge brand were more easily accessible on the danish marker. She made it her goal, to bring these brands to Denmark and to offer a faster and more trustworthy service for the Danish customer. I would say she succeeded 🙂 I fell involve with her story and how she transformed her love for shoes into a successful business.

Stilettos from Malacus.dk - Fashion Blogger Veronicca

Are you a fashion blogger in Aalborg and need a street photographer?

Versace stilleter fra Malaccus.dk
Cute streets of Aalborg ….

Last but not least, shout out to Bik Photography and many thanks for the beautiful pictures! If you are a fashion/ lifestyle blogger in Aalborg and are looking for a street photographer to help you out with your pictures, you should definitely check him out :). All pictures are by Bik Photography, Editing by me.

That was it for today, thank you for stopping by,  sweet internet family, hope you enjoyed this entry and I will talk to you soon!


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