valentines day fail

Hey guys, hope you are well :). How was your Valentine’s day? Mine was pretty good <3 .

Veronicca Popova - lifestyle, fashion blogger Aalborg - Valentine's day


We started our Valentine’s day celebration by visiting the, oh’, so romantic, El Giganten.
Andreas and I have been talking about getting a Playstation for the past few weeks, so we decided Valentines Day is the perfect occasion for this purchase 😀 . I seriously couldn’t wait. I think it’s a great couple activity at home and we will make great use of it. I just really hope it won’t get out of hands and become an addiction, we both have too many of these already.

Veronicca Popova - lifestyle, fashion blogger Aalborg - Valentine's day
There goes my free time…
Veronicca Popova - lifestyle, fashion blogger Aalborg - Valentine's day
My Valentine .. <3

victor’s mad hus

Before going back home to set it up and all we wanted to grab a bite somewhere. I really wanted to try out Victor’s Mad Hus. If you live in Aalborg you probably know the place. I didn’t know anything about their menu or concept, just that they have a gorgeous view towards the fjord. The place is really hyped on the social medias and I had few friends actually recommending it.
Our experience with it was super bad! 😀 I guess it was a combination between us being ignorant on their concept and bad choice of dishes. There were a lot of things I didn’t like about the place and actually got very sad because the location is just gorgeous and the view is stunning.
So you enter the place and just happen to be at the end of a queue. But you, kind of, don’t know what this queue is about. Nothing is written anywhere. At first, I thought we are waiting to be seated but then realised it’s some sort of ordering system.
Apparently, the place’s main concept is to serve great quality food at decent prices without compromising on the quality of the food. According to their website, they save money on hiring waiters and invest the money into good chefs and reasonably cheap prices for the food.
That’s alright of course, but what stroke me is that there is absolutely nothing/no one that explains the concept to newcomers. So you, either way, know it before you are there or are in for a super uncomfortable and confusing experience.  Anyways, let’s say it’s my fault I didn’t research the place a bit better.

So we finally managed to get to the ordering machine. I was super happy to see they have salmon risotto. I absolutely LOVE risotto! Carbs are my biggest enemy, but it’s worth it.
After you order you need to find yourself a spot and get seated. Yeps, you get yourself seated. That’s again alright with me, the only thing is you kind of don’t know where to collect your drinks at. It’s just a huge miscommunication issue they have in my opinion.
We got seated at 18:30, and then the waiting began. We waited, waited, waited, then waited a bit more. There was no music in the restaurant, something I really dislike, so you just have to sit and enjoy the sounds of cutlery clinking against plates. 😀 Dejligt!

Fifty minutes have passed, we still didn’t have out food ready and were both starving. Fortunately, we were in a pretty good mood and just kept it this way. So it was a lot of hungry giggles and rounds of Google Feud.
One hour later, no kidding (19:30), our food was ready. Veronicca Popova - lifestyle, fashion blogger Aalborg - Valentine's day I was so sad to see that the risotto is not with rice but a wheat berry 😀 . Dude…. wheat berry makes me bloat … 😀 . It’s even worse than rice for me! I was already so hungry when we got to the ordering machine I didn’t even read what the description said at all… Anywho, it was eatable, and it didn’t make me bloat at all. Lucky me. However, I wouldn’t order it again as it really wasn’t something that appealed to my tastes.  I am in no way saying it wasn’t prepared well, it was just not what I was going for.
Sooo.. this dinner was kind of a fail 😀 But I would still like to visit them for brunch as the view is just gorgeous, and I bet there is no way anywhone can screw up brunch ;).


I am writing this entry at 23:30 and we still haven’t set up the Playstation 😀 . They have so many issues with the payments it’s crazy! … Hope we manage to do it tonight so we are set for tomorrow 😀 .

Veronicca Popova - lifestyle, fashion blogger Aalborg - Valentine's day
Still trying to work it out.. 😀


Anyways, I had a great day and I am so, very, grateful for all the love I recieve and am able to give <3 .
Thanks for stopping by guys, hope you had a great day and talk to you soon!

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