Hey guys, hope you are well :). I woke up early today as I was so excited to finally have a sunny day in Aalborg. The weather has been getting darker and colder, and I am already missing the warm and sunny Fall days.
I took advantage of the beautiful weather and wore those super cute, loose pants from Meccant. I am pretty sure this was my last chance to wear them outside, this year. This is one of my favourite pair of pants as they can both be styled for an evening look with high heels, or a casual look with sneakers like I did today.

I have spoken about Meccant before, and since then my feelings for the shop haven’t changed.  They have a lot of trendy, lifestyle fashion, and best of all, the shop is based in Aalborg, so delivery takes almost no time. I love shopping from there as the prices are pretty low, but the quality is still good. Here is a link to the WEBSHOP and to the PANTS :). I hope you enjoyed this post, and got some inspiration for your next online shopping spree :).
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Have a wonderful weekend and talk to you later!


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