10 Things Andreas Found Weird / Interesting About Bulgaria

Hey guys, hope you are well. In this post, I will share few things Andreas found very interesting/weird/different about Bulgaria. The list is not in an “importance” order, so it’s all pretty random :). We were in Bulgaria only one week, and it was around the holidays so it was extremely packed and there wasn’t much time for anything really…

  1. Traffic
    One of the things that grabbed his attention immediately was the traffic. My mum and sister picked us from the airport and we took a cab home. I didn’t pay attention, but Andreas told me afterwards that the guy was driving way over the speed limit 😀 . And in general, he got a bit shocked of how fast and frustrated some the drivers are. A term I found that describes the situation very well would be “lawless”.
  2. Friendly Cab Drivers
    While we were in Sofia, Andreas didn’t dare to rent a car and drive around. It really takes some getting used to, and I also think it would have been way too stressful for him to drive in Sofia.
    So we were getting from A to B with a cab. Something that made an impression on Andreas was how friendly, talkative and social the drivers are. I think this is a cultural thing about Bulgarians in general. But usually how it goes is, you get in a cab, and then in a 15 mins ride, you get to know the driver well enough to call him by the first name. You might also exchange private details so you can catch up later 😀 …
  3. Cheap Cab
    Taxi prices in Bulgaria compared to Denmark are waaaay, way, way lower.
  4. Contrast Between Buildings
    By that, I mean how there are some magnificent, fabulous, shiny buildings right next to completely ruined houses. I never really noticed it, or paid attention before he pointed it out 😀 .
  5. How Fresh my 80yrs Old Grandma Is
    My grandma has always been very cautious about her health. She has been doing gymnastics every single day for as long as I can remember 😀 . She never smoked a cigarette or been into drinking or any other unhealthy habits. I am not sure if that is the reason of why she is so fresh at this age but I am extremely happy and grateful for what ever it is.
  6. Most foods include onions
    Onion is one of Andreas’s biggest enemies 😀 and Bulgarian kitchen is soo very full of it 😀 … We put onion to everything you can think of…
  7. Fancy, fancy, fancy clubs
    Bulgarians know how to party and we do it quite a bit :D. Club owners take huge pride in the experience they provide and atmosphere they create. A lot of money are spent on making beautiful interiors which captured Andreas’s attention while visiting few of Sofia’s pretty casual clubs. He was impressed by how fancy the places looks, unfortunately not so happy about it, after I explained to him how much the waitresses are making, working there…
  8. None of my friends speaks English (at least the ones we met)
    Something that made our stay a bit more complicated was the fact my friends don’t speak English. Here in Denmark majority of people speak English fluently, in contrast to Bulgaria where it’s not that common. It is a part of the school system and most schools teach English from 1st grade. What makes the difference is that we don’t have any TV shows in original English. Most of the TV shows and movies will be dubbed. So you don’t really hear that much English in your everyday life.
  9. Infrastructure
    I don’t need to say much, but It’s quite a mess…
  10. Coffee shops and restaurants are packed with people 
    Many Bulgarians complain of low salaries and high expenses but in the same time it’s very hard to get seated in restaurants and cafes as they packed with people :). I am not sure what the explanation behind this paradox is, but to be honest I like this kind of spirit 🙂 .

Anyhow, this was my short list. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 . If you are Bulgarian or maybe from Eastern Europe you can relate? Let me know in the comments below and talk to you soon!

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