Vitosha Mountain with Andreas

Hey guys, hope you are well!
In this short article, I will share few snaps from the time we tried to get to Vitosha mountain. I say “tried” because we really couldn’t get further than the “entrance” of the nature park of the mountain 😀 . Not that we lacked enthusiasm, we lacked any sort of proper equipment.
Vitosha mountain is placed right on the outskirts of Sofia and you can easily take a cab there without too much hustle. For the actual mountain, of course, you need proper equipment, something blind and ignorant optimists like us didn’t have.

VeroniccaPopovaBlogIt had started snowing the day before and It was so crazy beautiful, we just had to go!  It was super slippery though, and given how unprepared we were, getting any further was kind of impossible, or at least a bit dangerous. Complete mountain noobs…
Veronicca Popova Blog Vitosha Mountine
So we gave it our best, took a walk, played a bit with the snow, saw a bear (just a big dog, but Andreas almost believed me it was a Bulgarian bear 😀 #mydanishman ), climbed a tiny hill and went back.
I insisted on getting a bite at this traditional Bulgarian restaurant that has a pretty good reputation in this area. The area is called Boyana and it’s kind of like the Beverly Hills of Sofia 😀 . It’s one of the most expensive areas to live in and is pretty packed with important ladies and gentleman.
Andreas, of course, was extremely skeptical when it came to trying out this restaurant and tried his best to get himself out of this magical cultural experience 😀 .
Anywho, I won this one, so we decided to try it.

Veronicca Popova blog

Interior, menu, music, all traditional Bulgarian style. I am not saying this kind of old school stuff is my favorite, but I thought it would be an interesting experience for Andreas and a great opportunity to understand the culture better.

Veronicca Popova Blog
One of my favorite appetizers that I eat as a main dish 😀 Feta cheese bites <3

Earlier I mentioned that the area is like a high-end neighborhood where usually only the rich live. The reason why I am saying that is so you can better understand my complete disappointment and shock after Andreas and I got a slight food poisoning 😀 .  My friends insisted that it was one of this 24h flu, but you can’t fool me. Those guys screwed up with their food and got a big minus in my book. You can also try and imagine how many “I told you so” comments I got from Andreas. I definitely paid a high price for forcing the man to try something new 😀 .

Aaanywho, overall it was a really fun experience and I am glad we got the time to do it 🙂 . Would have been happier if those guys didn’t try to poison us (overreacting) but thankfully Vitosha’s nature didn’t disappoint and compensated with its beauty.

Hope you enjoyed this short article and talk to you soon!



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