Hygge… hmm yes, such a simple word and yet a complicated concept. Most of you have probably heard of it, but in case you haven’t, in short hygge is a Danish concept spreading all over the world, that can be described as ” enjoying cosy time with loved ones, unwinding from everyday burdens, while enjoying some board games, hot chocolate & giggles”.. Today I am sharing with you 5 hygge essentials for the ULTIMATE hygge evening (as it’s recommended that you hygge in the evening ).

Most importantly, cannot stress enough, how important this is to hygge, CANDLES! Get a lot of candles and then add some more. Now you probably have almost enough. But yes, candles are the essence of hygge as they emphasise on the cosiness that we are trying to create in order to hygge properly.

A blanket is a must. You have to take the heating down, so you can hygge for real, which includes blankets, rugs, long pyjamas and cosy socks.

Yep… I am really sorry for the “forever alone’s” out there, but you can’t hygge by yourself or at least it’s not really recommended… you must add some other people to the mix. But don’t worry, there is ALWAYS someone up for hygge-ing.
You gonna have to bring some friends, and yes, they might be annoying and you might not really like them, but you have to have them if you want to “hygge with friends”.

Hygge is almost always “gadget -free”, if you want to hygge, you better leave your phone away! Little to no Instagram is recommended while hygge-ing. You can, however, use your TV to play a “fire-place” video.

Earlier I have mentioned that Autumn and Winter are best hygge seasons… NOT TRUE. All seasons are good for hygge, Scandinavians hygge all the time! You can definitely also hygge during that one week when it’s Summer time!

And that’s a wrap! These are my top priorities when I am getting ready for some hygge-ing. Hope they helped you understand the concept a bit better and inspired you to do some hygge-ing this weekend (as I forgot to mention, hygge is best practised in the weekend.) 
All jokes aside, “hygge” has become my favourite Danish word for a reason. The beautiful concept that stands behind it is what has made me fall in love with this culture and I hope more people get to experience it 🙂 , as it is, truly magical. Hope you enjoyed this short article guys, have a beautiful day and talk to you soon!

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