Hey guys, hope you are well. Today I am sharing with you this box of body treats I got from WinkWink.dk . I think it’s very important that couples work together on improving intimacy and keeping the relationship fresh and that is the exact purpose of this box.
I have mentioned it before that I am a scent freak and scents can have a huge impact on my mood and general well being. The Sweet Heart box is full of body treats specifically designed for couples who are seeking more sensuality and want to involve different senses into their love life.  There are many reasons why aromatic oils and sensuality go hand in hand, and people have used the for generations to improve their love life. In the box, you get a massaging body oil, kissable body oil, body souffle and honey dust and they all smell soo good.

sweet heart box- winkwink.dk

First things first, the box is so pretty! You can’t really see it on the website, but it’s in this beautiful pink color, heart shaped in hard carton with beautiful golden details on the top.
Kamasutra sweet heart box winkwink.dk

kamasutra sweet heart box winkwink.dk kamasutra sweet heart box winkwink.dk All products in the box are kissable If you know what I mean ;). And this goes also for the body souffle, which is a light texture, body cream that has a rose & jasmine scent. I like the body souffle smell so much I use it also in non-romantic atmosphere :D, like when I want to netflix and chill by myself .
kamasutra sweet heart box winkwink.dk

kamasutra sweet heart box winkwink.dk
This body souffle smells soo good!

The kissable body oil is probably my favorite. It comes in the most adorable container and hot pink colour.

kamasutra sweet heart box winkwink.dk
Kissable body oil.

Massage is a gift that keeps on giving, it’s perfect way to show affection and appreciation for your partner. It’s about creating private moments through shared experience 🙂 and there is almost nothing I love more then a good massage <3.

kamasutra sweet heart box winkwink.dk
The massaging body oil is a blend of different essential oils like jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang, which all can affect desire and sensuality.

The honey dust is totally eatable and organic and comes with the cutest applicator ever so you can get creative with it :).

kamasutra sweet heart box winkwink.dk
First I thought someone is smuggling drugs in my box 😀 . Didn’t expected it to look like that.

It comes with the cutest feather applicator/tickler.

kamasutra sweet heart box winkwink.dk

That was it with the Sweet Heart box, I think it’s perfect for couples, really fun to play around with and can really improve your intimacy!
You can find the box HERE. 

Hope you enjoyed this quick unboxing and it gave inspiration to try out something new :). Enjoy your Sunday and talk to you later!

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