I don’t think there is a single Instagram user who hasn’t come across the oh-so-famous, blue bears. Ever since the Kardashians endorsed SugarBear Hair, IT BLEW UP.

All the marketing that is in this product can be a little off-putting to some, but I don’t think this should be a reason for you not to try them. It can feel a bit insincere or deceptive to the consumer, but from a marketing point of view, it’s impressive. I have been amazed by how well these vitamins have been branded, the extreme use of influencers, the colouring, the wording on the package. It’s just very well executed.

Moving on to things I don’t like about them. First, it really bugs me how absurdly small the font size used for the ingredients list is. I can’t believe this is acceptable to the FDA (if this product is even FDA approved)…
SugarBear Hair Honest Review
The large text includes all the active ingredients that are helping your hair, and below that with the EXTREMELY small letter are all the rest of the ingredients, that not only are not helping your hair but are potentially bad for you …
They taste delicious, just like candy. And that is no wonder given that they contain glucose syrup and sugar. This is another reason why I admire this product only from a marketing point of view. As a vitamin, a supplement and a product that supposedly promotes better health, it completely fails in my eyes.

before & after

I used them for a month now, and to me, there isn’t any noticeable difference. My hair has grown with about 2cm, but I believe this is how much it usually grows per month. Maybe it made it shinier, but I really can’t see any dramatic difference. If you have deficiencies in your body, maybe it will affect you differently. But those are my results after a month. It was a fun experience but I won’t continue with it, as the difference after a month was unnoticeable to me, and also I don’t trust the information on the packaging. Here is my before and after photos, and you can judge for yourself :). Both images are unedited, but the lighting is different.
I can’t recommend them to you as a supplement, but I will definitely advise you to look into their marketing strategy and execution! Very interesting …
Before After SugarbearHair
Can’t see much difference, but of course 1 month is not such a long period 🙂
What do you think of the vitamins, their marketing and benefits?  I would love to hear your thoughts on it 🙂 Have a great day and talk to you soon!



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