Skin Scan – Get the real picture!

Today I had a quick visit to Aalborg Beauty where I got my skin scanned! Pretty amazing right? Get ready to see me looking like a real idiot ๐Ÿ˜€ But I really think the procedure was amazing, and want to share it with you! I would highly recommend it to anyone pretty much who wants to keep their skin healthy and happy :).

The scanner shows a greater depth of the skin and helps so much when determining what kind of treatment is needed. It can anticipate how your skin is aging, how itโ€™s likely to age and can help make personalized recommendations for a regime that suits YOU.

I was absolutely stunned by the information it provided with. Of course, I couldnโ€™t read any of it, so you need to have a dermatologist to read your results for you :D.

The scanner can evaluate pores, wrinkles, spots, sebum, porphyrin and skin tone. Itโ€™s really amazing and there is nothing I can compare it to. You really get the real skin situation in depth! I was soo surprised by some of the results.

And of course at first it can be a bit scary, like, do you really want to know what is happening deep there? But I was so excited for it as I know it can be an amazing help in my skin journey.

Skin Scanner with Aalborg Beauty and Nimue skincare - veroniccapopova beauty blogger aalborg.
Me being excited and super scared of the scanner ๐Ÿ˜€ And the absolutely amazing Lise from Nimue.

what to expect from skin scanning

Itโ€™s always done with a specialist like Lise, who is there to read your results and guide you through the scanning process. The scanner is a bit creepy, a little futuristic machine where you put your face resting on your chin, eyes closed. It takes 3 pictures, you can feel something like a flash, and itโ€™s done!The scary part is over, now itโ€™s time for the exciting part! Results! Pictures are instantly transferred to the computer of your dermatologist where she/he can read the results.

First, we looked at my pores. I canโ€™t really give you the explanation she gave me, as of course, itโ€™s a bit complicated. It helped determine to what extend my pores are enlarged or clogged, which thankfully was not much! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my pores are actually doing fine ๐Ÿ˜€ .

This is the part which really amazed me! If you have seen me, I am rather pale :D. I have never tanned excessively, but I have managed to allow sun damage in the depths of my skin :O Which might not do much right now, but will really speed up the aging process of my skin and could cause pigmentation. Therefore Nimue’s sunscreen is my new bestie. Also, I will soon get some products from the clinic that will help me reverse some of the damage done.

Skin Scanner with Aalborg Beauty and Nimue skincare - veroniccapopova beauty blogger aalborg.
I am looking like an absolute retard ๐Ÿ˜€ Don’t use this photo against me ๐Ÿ˜€ .

For my age, I am doing pretty well in terms of wrinkles! ๐Ÿ˜€ Yay!

Skin Scanner with Aalborg Beauty and Nimue skincare - veroniccapopova beauty blogger aalborg.

Skin tone in general fine, but I have a lot of scarring, so there is a lot of work to be done! We have agreed that we will do a scar treatment once I am done with my acne/pimple treatment.

This is where the biggest disaster is. There are many factors that can affect this, but the facts are I have excess sebum & porphyrin production which causes a lot of trouble. And most likely all of my troubles :O. It can be caused by the mistakes I used to make in my cleansing routines, my diet, and stress. All thankfully fixable :).

Skin Scanner with Aalborg Beauty and Nimue skincare - veroniccapopova beauty blogger aalborg.

That was it with the scanner it really helped Nikki & Lise to come up with new recommendations for me that will help me keep my skin fresh and young in the long run!

current skin situation

Currently I am struggling with some breakouts again. I had some amazing weeks after I started my Nimue routine. For days my skin was absolutely calm and there wasn’t a single breakout. Right now it’s still way better then before I started my new routine, but I got some pimples. That’s the most frustrating part about my breakouts, they come and go mysteriously.
Today for the first time we discussed an actual gluten intolerance and general carbs sensitivity. It seems like this might be the core of all my issues. I really think it could be the case, as I have noticed it myself …
I will try a gluten free / limited diet for the next 4 weeks to see how things will go, hopefully well!

That’s it for now guys, I have scheduled a quick peel with Aalborg Beauty next week, would be so happy to share the results from it with you guys.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this entry and talk to you soon.

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