The purpose of this post is to give a shoutout to a young danish entrepreneur –  Nina Gaunø Fredberg.  Really inspiring young girl who is working hard on making her dreams come true. This entry is not sponsored, and it’s a genuine shout out, as I truly appreciate young entrepreneurs like her and everyone who is chasing their dreams.

Nina is founder and owner of, a minimalistic, Scandinavian, jewellery company. There are so many beautiful pieces you can find in her shop, all with very simple design, proving that sometimes “less is more”.


Simple yet stunning design

One of my favorite pieces from her collection is the “Skinny Warrior”. The name itself is already pretty badass and so is the design. By Nina herself it’s described as a statement piece that brings out your inner warrior and is a representation of strength.

What I love about this piece is the symbolism it comes with and the strong message it carries. It’s a symbol of inner power and it stand to remind us that we have the strength to push through the difficult times, like true warriors.

“This design is made to appeal to your inner warrior and remind you to stay strong every day. “
Skinny Warrior Bangle is in 18k gold plating
Skinny Warrior Bangle is in 18k gold plating
Beautiful details, true minimalistic vibe
Beautiful details, true minimalistic beauty

Strenght does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.  – Mahatma Gandhi 

You can check out Nina’s pieces HERE.  Stay strong, fight your fights and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it, because you can!

Aanyways, thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this short entry and it brought some positivity to your day. Talk to you later and smile more!

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