rituals event in aalborg

Hey guys, hope you are well 🙂 . Two weeks I was invited to a cozy event at Rituals in Aalborg, where I and few other local lifestyle bloggers got to learn more about the brand and the products while enjoying bubbles and chocolate.
I was familiar with the brand from before and was already obsessed with their Sakura line, but it was really nice to learn more about the history and how it has evolved.

the event 

The event was really lovely. We were introduced to every line and the inspirations behind. The store managers had prepared all sort of fun things to do and info to share and were so kind to answer questions. For me it had been a long day, I had around 5 coffees maybe, so my curiosity was really over the top 😀 . I got to know all about how they started, what are the plans for Denmark, what are the best sellers, what kind of people shop there, what do women buy, what do men buy … I am not sure why I need all this info, but it gets me very hyped.
I also got to play a “scent game” where based on my visual preferences there was a scent picked out to fit my personality. I wouldn’t say it was spot on, but it was definitely fun.

The first Rotuals boutique in Aalborg.
The first Rituals boutique in Aalborg.


Lifestyle Event in Aalborg with Rituals Cosmetics
The lovely store manages who told us all about the brand, history, inspirations behind it and all sort of fun insights.
Lifestyle Event in Aalborg with Rituals Cosmetics
Always up for chocolates and bubbles.

Lifestyle Event in Aalborg with Rituals Cosmetics

rituals of sakura

As a gift from Rituals, we got to choose a gift box from one of their lines. Of course, I chose the Sakura one, as I was already so into it.

I love pampering myself, but really, who doesn’t. Especially when you have a busy everyday life, with jobs, freelance work, social life, it can get a bit crazy. So I put a really high price on pampering at home, as it’s a way for me to unwind and relax.

The Rituals of Sakura line is perfect for pampering. I really like the bathing oil, foam and body lotion. All the productс feel very luxurious on the skin and give that lavish feeling. The scent is Cherry Blossom and it contains rice milk, which has great nourishing effects to the skin.
The line is inspired by the Japanese tradition. The blooming of the cherry has been celebrated for generations in Japan and it’s symbolizing the awakening of nature and it’s beauty. It’s seen as a representation of the rebirth of nature and purity.
In Japan, there is a festival celebrating the welcoming of spring or the “cherry blossom festival”, that celebrates the momentary beauty of nature. People will gather together, bring food, drinks, make a picnic under a blooming cherry and just enjoy the beauty of the moment.
The Japanese Embassy and other cultural organizations in Copenhagen, have made it possible to celebrate the festival in Denmark as well, you can read more about it HERE, it’s quite interesting how it started and it’s really an amazing act of celebrating nature.
The packaging is just as beautiful as the scent.

The box contains, body scrub, body in shower oil, shower foam and body lotion.
The scent of the body lotion is quite strong, so I would suggest, use it as a perfume lotion not as a moisturizer.

I believe it goes without saying, but I would really recommend you to visit Rituals, they have really wonderful products and the prices are quite decent.
That was it for today’s entry, I hope you enjoyed! Wish you a wonderful Saturday and talk to you later :).


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