How to look smarter

In this entry I will share few tricks on HOW TO LOOK SMARTER! Just kidding! 😀 We will be talking protection 😉 Enjoy!

I am one of these people who spend a HUGE amount of time in front of the computer. It’s my work, my hobby, my way of communicating with my family and so on. On a daily basis I have a minimum of 8h screen time :O . It’s quite a bit…but I love it 😀 .


It’s so crazy important to protect your eyes though. I am a firm believer that the screen light, brightness and so on, really affects your eyesight and could even give you a headache. Andreas on the other hand as a hard core developer who spends most of his time in front of the screen calls “bullshit” on my theories.
It could be different from person to person (even though I don’t believe it 😀 ) but for me it’s something I have noticed. I am no eye expert so I don’t really know the correct terms for these things but when I have a little bit too much screen time I get sore/dry eyes, even pain!

Anywho, I have been procrastinating getting screen protective glasses FOR EVER. Until recently when I found those guys called Polette . 
veronicca popova blog polette


I found the brand through Instagram. They seemed to be quite popular and there is a lot of hype around the brand, so I had to look them up .

Company is like an “online optician” offering designer’s frames ( price range from $9.99 to $49.99 ) and anti-reflective and anti-scratching coating lenses (price range from $9.99 to $75) . Prices vary quite a bit, meaning that  you can definitely find your budget fit 😀 . 

 I got the simple screen protective lenses that are without any correction. (What I forgot though was to get it anti reflective. Well, next time. )

veronicca popova blog polette
I didn’t wanted to talk too much before I had actually got the glasses. I have had them for a week now and my theory has been confirmed! 😀
They sure do make it way easier on my eyes and I don’t feel as much pressure from the brightness of the screen like before. I will however do a more thorough review of the effect in a month or so of using them.

veronicca popova blog polette
Why hello there 😀

veronicca popova blog polette

veronicca popova blog polette
From a vanity point of view I might get another frame as with this one I like myself only from certain angles 😀  .  Otherwise, I am super happy with the quality and service so far.

veronicca popova blog polette
That self-hug though.

I also ordered a sleeve for the glasses and later realised it was unnecessary as there is a sleeve that come with the glasses without additional fee. But it’s fine, it wasn’t that expensive and it also matches my PC sleeve 😀 .

veronicca popova blog polette

veronicca popova blog polette

One thing is for sure, I do feel like I look smarter 😀 . Anyways, I am very happy I finally got glasses as I think it’s the grown-up thing to do. I want to take care of my eyes and hopefully this will do it 🙂 .
Hope you enjoyed this short entry guys, stay safe and talk to you later!

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