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Last year I got the Iphone 6s as a gift. I had hard time adjusting to it due to the size, but once I got used to that I absolutely love itWhat I love about the Iphone 6 besides the OS is the beautiful design of the phone. It’s an Apple thing, they just know and understand how important the design is. Hands down, they make the most beautiful to look at products on the market right now. 

What I am trying to say with this, is that I love how the phone looks and in no way think it’s necessary to get a case for the sake of it’s beauty. I do need a case though.
The phone’s size and weight, make it a bit unnatural to hold on to, and for me in particular it could be very easy to drop it. As beautiful this phone is, it’s just that fragile, so for me a case is a necessity. 

There are so many cases out there, it’s crazy! Besides the design and aesthetics of the case, what I look for is also the material it’s made of. I discovered that the satin finish solves all the issues with the phone slipping of your hand.  My current favourite case is this beauty by Richmond Finch. It’s a Swedish brand that seriously focus on looks and quality.

I showed them much love, so they gave me a discount code I can share with you guys. You can use code “veroniccapopova20” to get 20% discount on your purchase, no matter which product you choose! You can shop HERE   

Go crazy! 

Really girly and pure feeling to it


I also got it in Olive Green to fit in my fall wardrobe
I also got it in Olive Green to fit in my fall wardrobe


Hope you enjoyed this short post guys. Happy shopping and don’t forget to use your discount code! Let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite phone case brand.

See you later!


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