Passed my pd3 Danish exam 

So unbelievable! I am so extremely grateful to the universe, God or whatever higher power is accountable for that to happen 😀 . 

I didn’t have time or motivation to study for it at all, so I expected to fail and I went to the exam with that mind set. It wasn’t about feeling guilty, or ashamed or anything. I just didn’t have any expectations of passing, because I didn’t put any effort in studying. 

Of course when the exam started I concentrated and gave my absolute best, but was pretty sure I failed it as it seemed all very difficult :D. And not because it was that complicated Danish, but because it was “exam danish”. The questions are tricky, misleading and written in exam way, which you usually get used to after preparing for some time. Which I didn’t. 

Second part of the exam is in 10 days, I hope I pass that one too, so I don’t need to think about reexam which is also it’s kind of expensive :D. #moneyforcake 

Anywho, I just wanted to share, as I am so unbeliavably happy about it! When I called in this morning to hear about my results, I had to ask the guy to check a million times, just so we are sure :D. 

Hope all who took the exam are as happy as me, and if you guys are not, quick back on your feet, and better luck in November <3. 

ps.: My dad has a b-day today, not sure how old he is getting, but it doesn’t matter at all, as he will always be my super dad  :D! Cheers to him, I hope he is always healthy, happy and proud of me 😀 . What a selfish birthday wish, I know. 

Thanks so much for stoping by guys, talk to you later and stay positive! <3 

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