Origins Maskimizer – Mask primer review

I will start by reviewing this one, as It has become a part of my “masking” routine. This product is revolutionary for me 😀 ! It’s the first face mask primer I have tried and I don’t even know if there are any other similar products out there. 

Origins Maskimizer – Mask Primer Review

I spray it before applying my mask and pat it into the skin gently until it’s absorbed. I tried “masking” with and without, and it definitely makes a difference when used with moisturising masks. The only difference I noticed when using it with the Charcoal cleansing mask was that it made the application and spreading way easier, but it didn’t add any other value in my experience. 

I feel like it’s more of a marketing trick that it’s branded as a “mask primer” as to me it feels like a normal face mist, just with very nice quality. I have used it as a part of my night time routine as well, and it just feels very nice on the skin, it really softens it and just helps moisturising masks go deeper into the pores. 

It’s really refreshing and I would definitely recommend it as a high-quality face mist and a “primer” for moisturising masks. 


  • Softens Skin
  • Refreshing
  • Can Act as a toner
  • Helps a more even spread of charcoal mask  


  • Bad Packaging – the spray doesn’t have a good spread, and it just targets a small area. It is a bit annoying, you actually have to spread it with your fingers or ultimately spray it on a cotton pad and then apply to the skin. Given the price tag, I would say they need to fix this. 

Price Range: 160 -200 DKK . You can purchase it HERE .

origins charcoal clay mask – review

Origins Charcoal Cleansing MAsk - Review
Origins Charcoal Cleansing MAsk – Review


I use it once a week and am very careful with the amount as I have sensitive skin. I prefer using it when I am right out of the shower so my pores are open, but if that’s not possible, I use a warm towel to open the pores. I have come to the conclusion it works best when applied only to my T-zone and chin area.
My temples and jaw area tend to be way dryer compared to the rest of my face, therefore I avoid applying in these areas. My skin is very sensitive, so I don’t leave the mask for too long. I allow it to dry and then wash off right away. I think it’s very important not to leave it for too long if you have sensitive skin as it may cause irritation.  


I have tried Clinique & Loreal’s charcoal masks, and they have nothing on this one. This is my genuine opinion based on my experience with these masks. Clinique’s dried my skin a lot and I even had a bad reaction when using the Loreal mask. ( I am not sure if it’s ingredients or somehow I miss used it, but results were not good ) . 

Origins’s mask cleans my skin visibly without making it “squeaky”, dry or irritated. It makes a noticeable difference on my skin and it’s just a very nice pampering mask :).
I would definitely recommend it if you need a charcoal mask but have sensitive skin. I know very well how hard it is to find products that can cleanse your skin without causing a reaction. 


  • Cleanses skin visibly 
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin 
  • Doesn’t cause irritation on sensitive skin 

No cons yet. Pretty satisfied with the product over all :). 

Price Range: 195 -225 DKK . You can purchase it HERE .

origins drink up – overnight moisturising mask review

Origins Charcoal Cleansing MAsk - Review, veronicca popova lifestyle blog aalborg
Origins Drink Up – Overnight Moisturizing Mask Review

This mask leaves my skin perfectly moisturised, and I am absolutely involved with it. Really comfortable mask and has a great scent. It’s currently my favourite pamper mask. It feels so good on the skin after application, really soothing and relaxing. It’s not too oily or tacky. It does have some stickiness even after it has absorbed into the skin, but it is a mask after all, not a moisturiser. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have oily skin, but if you have combined/dry skin with dry patches you should try this! 

I avoid the oily parts of my face so I don’t invite any breakouts and apply on the dry parched areas. I use the primer before hand and start on a clean canvas :). Most of the times I will use it overnight as it suggests, but sometimes when I am home and have to go out in the evening just apply for few hours during the day.  I don’t use it more than once a week :). 


  • Really moisturising 
  • Plums my skin 
  • Doesn’t have too much residue 
  • Nice scent 
  • Soothing 

Can’t think of any right now, but maybe I will update this further. 

Price Range: 195 -225 DKK . You can purchase it HERE .

That was my Origins Mask Must haves kit review 🙂 I would love to hear what you think about them products if you have tried them. I will highly reccomend them if you have sensitive skin. You can purchase the Mask Kit HERE.

Origins Mask Must haves kit review veronicca popova lifestyle blog aalborg
Origins Mask Must haves kit review

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this article and it helped you,  and talk to you soon!

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