first time in dubai

I got sunshine on my mind… Sunshine on my mind, big time!

Andreas & I are going to DUBAI! Like, next week 😀 (almost). It was a spontaneous thing.. I am out of my mind excited. And if you know me, you know how excited I can get 😀 , now double that, and you have my current excitement state.
I am so grateful that we are able to this right now, when we both need it so bad…He has been working like crazy, and I have been in a bit a of a dark place, so we both need some sun, beaches, crazy skylines and together time.  Also,
I haven’t had a beach vacation in, I believe, 3,4 years? I think the last time I had a beach vacation was in 2013 with mommy & daddy :D.  

what am I most looking forward to

Not kidding. I got sunshine on my mind, in my heart and now I just need it on my body 😀 . 

9 days, all day, every day with my favorite person. We barely see each other during the week, so we really need to reconnect. I just hope he is still my favorite person after 9 days, all day, every day with him. Juuust kidding :D. 

Skyscrapers excite me! Dubai is popular with it’s amazing skylines, and the tallest building in the WORLD. Yes, twice taller then New York’s Empire State’s Building! Crazy! 

The Middle East’s culture is so diverse and different, I am sure the culture shock will be pretty big. From dress code to public show of affection.. All so exciting to experience. My father used to work in the Middle East, so I have heard all sorts of amazing stories, and I am so looking forward to experiencing some of that myself. 

There are few things that worry me, but I will try put them in a box, lock it and throw in the fjord… 

So that is what is on my mind! Stay tuned, there are more travel related posts to come :* Wish you beautiful weekend, and talk to you later <3. 

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