Christmas came early for me this year!
Got this black beauty last week and just couldn’t wait to share some snaps of it. It’s called Deep Black  and it’s from the Danish brand Northern Legacy.  It’s a newly establish company from the Danish entrepreneurs Andreas Østergaard and Jonas Christensen. The brand’s values are inspired by the great Seas of the North which you can see in their logo.

Our vision is to reinvent modernity & combine it with traditional craftsmanship – Andreas Østergaard

Deep Black by northern legacy

Deep Black is an uni-sex piece that comes with a bold attitude and perfect aesthetics. You get two straps, a leather and mesh one.  Both are stylish and very well crafted, I can’t really pick a favorite so I am enjoying the diversity :D.

NorthernLegacyWatch Veronicca blog
Deep Black
Northern Legacy Watch Veronicca blog
Inlove with the details

Northern Legacy Watch Veronicca Blog

Northern Legacy Watch Veronicca Blog

“I am wearing too much black” – said noone ever! Especially me.. my wardrobe is primarily made up from black clothes, and this is definitely the perfect watch to fit my style. I am super happy with the design and details of it and I think it makes great Christmas gift. You can shop it HERE.

Hope you enjoyed this short entry and it gave you some Christmas gift ideas :D. Let me know what you think of this time piece and talk to you later!

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