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Nimue was developed by plastic surgeons with professional formulas and carefully selected active ingredients. It’s simply the most amazing brand I have ever tried, and I have tried many.  I waited long enough for the review, to make sure that It’s relevant, and here it comes after more than a month and a half of using them. Some products I like more than others of course, but my general opinion is, that this is hands-down, the best brand I have ever tried.

This is a picture of my current skin condition. I am not wearing any makeup, just cleaned and moisturized my skin. There are some scarring and redness, but in general, I am very happy with this condition of my skin <3. I still get breakouts around my time of the month or when I eat junk food, but the general state of my skin is way better than with my previous skincare routine.

Nimue Skin Techology Review - Aalborg Lifestyle & beauty blogger Veronicca Popova
Make up free smiles 🙂

For the sake of the full disclosure, I have to say that all my Nimue products were sponsored but not my review and opinions. All Nimue products can be purchased from Aalborg Beauty in town. I am no longer in collaboration with Aalborg Beauty, but I will most certainly continue to use the products :). So by saying that I hope I made clear that I was not paid to say any of the things and you can trust in this review to be honest :).


NIMUE Active Exfoliating Enzyme

I start with this product as it’s pretty revolutionary to me. I will use it in the evening and wake up with my skin looking at it’s best. Not over exaggerating, but I have never seen my skin as good as after a peel followed by Nimue’s Purifier.
The first thing about it is that It’s an exfoliating enzyme without granules, so it doesn’t damage your skin. Never before have I tried an exfoliation so very, very gentle, nothing like exfoliating even with the gentlest granules. It gets rid of all dead skin that clogs my pores ( and doesn’t allow your skin care products to work well, plus breakouts of course ) without any irritation. I have never imagined exfoliating my skin without irritating it. I swear by this product combined with the Purifier.  It gives you the feeling and results you have after getting a facial at the salon. It’s pretty amazing what you can do by yourself, at home, using just two products. If I have to compare the results to something it will be that, a facial at a beauty salon.
The main benefits of the enzyme are that it promotes cell regeneration and allows better penetration of active ingredients that are meant to either way moisturize your skin in depth or help with inflammation.

NIMUE purifier

The Purifier is used at night and has calming and anti-inflammatory effects. It has tea tree oil content, and if you are not familiar, tea tree oil is naturally anti-bacterial and infection treatment which really helps blemish-prone skin. It helps control the production of sebum, hydrates the skin, helps with existing breakouts and prevention of new ones. In my experience, It really calms down the skin and works wonder combined with the enzyme. You can also use the Purifier in daytime as a spot treatment.
Nimue Skin Techology Review - Aalborg Lifestyle & beauty blogger Veronicca Popova
Nimue Purifier, Exfoliating Enzyme, and Sun protection.

NIMUE Cleansing Gel Light

I use the gel to, first remove my makeup & one more time to clean the skin. It removes all my makeup and leaves my skin so refreshed and calm. Since it’s a gel, you don’t need cotton pads, and you get to avoid all the pulling on the skin.
It’s definitely the best cleansing gel I have tried yet, but also the first fruit acid based cleanser I have tried. I guess for the relevance of my review, it’s important to say that I have never before tried high-end brands like this. The most “high end” I have tried is probably Origins.
The cleansing gel does a great job cleaning my skin without causing any irritation, quite the opposite, my skin is so calm and bright when I am done with it.
It has acid content that kills the bacteria that causes breakouts and removes any excess oils and impurities. It’s really great if you usually experience any breakouts and blemishes. Because of its acidic content, the skin can get dried out so it’s important to moisturize well. Mine didn’t, I guess lucky me! But my sister tried it and it dried her skin out. So if you try that one, make sure you have a good moisturizer to follow with.
 Nimue Skin Techology Review - Aalborg Lifestyle & beauty blogger Veronicca Popova

NIMUE Conditioner Light

It’s called conditioner, but it’s like a toner. Nothing like a toner I have tried before though. I have never been a big fan of toners, as they usually will leave my skin dry and really stretched, no matter if the bottle says there is alcohol or not. So I have tried to stay away from them.
I apply this one on dry skin after I have cleaned with the gel. I do use a cotton pad for this one, but then apply it with tapping movements so I don’t pull on my skin. It’s another one of my absolute favourites from the line. Combined with the cleansing gel it leaves my skin really fresh and calm. It has cleaning, anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties.  I can tell my skin is instantly way happier.
Nimue Skin Techology Review - Aalborg Lifestyle & beauty blogger Veronicca Popova
Nimue Conditioner, Cleansing Gel, Moisturiser Light and Pre & Post Serum

NIMUE Moisturiser Plus

If I had to pick favourites, I wouldn’t pick this one. I mean it’s still an amazing product, but not the best one from the line for me. One thing is that it doesn’t make much difference to my skin and also doesn’t work well with my CC cream. I absolutely love my CC, so If I had to choose, sorry NIMUE, you are going down.
What I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t feel moisturizing enough for me. What I like about it, is that it’s really lightweight and leaves my skin bright and fresh. It has anti-inflammatory effects as well, and it’s oil-free, so really good for combination skin. But with the more aggressive cleaning routine I have, I need a better moisturizer. I tried combining it with a phyto replenishing oil at night, and then it works wonders, but I am pretty sure it’s the oil.

Currently, my skin is in it’s best state. I still get breakouts, but in general, I am very happy with how my skin feels lately, and I am certain the reason is it the improved routine I have. If I cut out all the junk food  (I know, horrible) and continue on my improved skin routine, I am sure I will be blemish free for good.

That was it for my Nimue review :). So far this is the best line I have tried, and I will continue using it until I find something better. I am starting to run out on some of my Nimue products and I am considering trying another high-end brand. Hope you enjoyed this review, and if you did so I would love to share my next experiences with you.

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