Hey guys, hope you are well!
I would like to wish you a happy New Year and I hope you can be positive, healthy, happy and prosperous in 2017!
For myself in the new year I wish to be more positive, open minded, kind hearted and to dream big. Even bigger! To fight for my happiness, never give up and just keep going with a smile on my face! 🙂
I hope I can keep up a optimistic and hopeful attitude towards life and always be able to see the bigger picture.

NYE WITH ANDREAS in bulgaria

Anywho, let me tell you a bit about our NYE. This was the first time ever I spent a NYE with Andreas in Bulgaria so it was quite exciting for me! I decided to spend it together only with him.
When you live abroad coming home is always very different. Your old friends have changed, found many new friends, you have changed. What I have experienced is that unfortunately I grow further and further away from my friends… We have all changed a lot and no longer have the same interests, goals or priorities…
Aaanyways, I will leave this “growing apart” drama for another entry and just move on to the actual NYE.

NYE buddy.


We had no plans for our NYE until after lunch at 31st 😀 . I was so focused on spending cozy time with my family and friends that the NYE planning was left waaay way behind.

We were lucky enough to find a nice restaurant that still had free spots. We got ourselves a table at La Terazza in Sofia. A pretty sweet Italian-inspired restaurant on the top floor of The Mall. Andreas tried it twice before and enjoyed the food.
He is the pickiest eater I know and it’s close to impossible to get any food that he would enjoy 😀 . If you have any picky eaters in your life you can relate … So you can imagine how glad I was we managed to get a table there 😀 .

Prices were so very decent, for only 79BGN per person you get a 3 course meal, wine, sodas, welcome drinks, Banitsa with lucky charm, DJ and so on.

This salad was everything Andreas doesn’t like 😀 Pink tomatoes, baby mozzarella, green pesto and avocado 😀 .
It was delicious though …

(sorry for the bad pictures guys, but I had only my phone with me :O )

As a vegetarian I got a risotto and Andreas got marinated honey-mustard chicken.

Risotto was pretty good, but to be honest I can’t tell for sure as I was starving and I would have enjoyed absolutely anything I get served 😀 .

Surprise, surprise he didn’t like his chicken 😀 .
As a tradition in Bulgaria, at NYE we serve Banitsa with lucky charms. It can be salty or sweet, and in our case it’s salty, layered with egg and feta cheese.

The lucky charm in my piece of the Banitsa (if you follow the link you can read more about the pastry) stated:
“May strong will and good luck follow you throughout the whole year!”

Wearing, now my favorite watch by Northern Legacy. It made great contrast with the soft, pink, girly top I had on!
Outfit. Unfortunately don’t have any better picture 😀

I wore a soft pink, ribbed top with high waist, grey, suede skirt paired with my high knee black boots. Pretty simple, yet classy outfit. I love the combination of soft pink and grey. Both top and skirt I found in NewYorker for a great price.

When the clock striked 12 we went out on the balcony where we could see the light show and fireworks from all around Sofia. In general it was a great night, with a lot of eating (from my part) and dancing.
I enjoyed all the food, music and the whole programme they planned. The staff was really attentive and also seemed to be having quite some fun! If you followed my Insta story you know what I am talking about 😀 .

And at the end what really is important is that we find love and peace in our hearts, share it and enjoy the little things <3 . Take some time to appreciate the good and bad of 2016 and get excited for 2017!
Hope you had a great celebration and I am looking so much forwards to sharing more snaps from our trip with you guys!

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