I wear perfume for myself, It adds up to my mood and general well being. As ridiculous it might sound to some people, others (scent freaks like me) understand it perfectly. 

Perfume is the most intense form of memory – Jean Paul Guerlain 

       My sense of smell is emotional, a scent I fancy must evoke beautiful feeling in me. When it comes to my perfume choices, a lot depends on the state of mind I like to put myself in. A perfume can have a great impact on my mood, and can enhance almost any experience.

       The perfume I choose to wear is a scent I need to be able to associate myself with. It’s a way to help me define who I want to be. The right perfume is about glamour, art, beauty and comfort

Having said that I think I made It clear how much influence scent have on me.


Yves Saint Laurent  – Mon paris

       In mid.- 2016. YSL launched their new line called Mon Paris. The name it self already suggest a sensual, intoxicating, floral love. In the YSL campaigns Mon Paris was being profiled as a representation of freedom a “love that makes you lose your senses”. 

Mon Paris has been described as “love that makes you lose your senses”.

       Not much longer after the launch in Denmark, it got me hooked. I received it as a present from someone special which added even more romance to it.  It’s a passionate and sophisticated scent, that evokes great sensuality and femininity. There isn’t a strongly dominating note, but a perfect soft balance between the warm florals including bergamot, raspberry, strawberry and white peony. 

Feminine and sensual scent that can be worn day or night.

Mon Paris should not be put under the same category with all other Paris inspired, pink perfumes coming in a bow wrapped bottle. It has a distinguishing uniqueness, which is the reason it makes it into my top 5 favourite scents and definitely best perfume of 2016 (for now).

What is scent for you? Let me know in the comment below what you think of this perfume and what are your favorite scents!
Talk to you later :).


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