Miqura is a Danish skin care prduct line based on silk. They got pretty popular in the last few months and there was a lot of hype around the products. I got introduced to their concept at their exclusive event in Selling, Aalborg. Today I am reviewing the Anti Blemish Pore Refining mask. 

I will start by saying It’s one of the most gentle masks I have ever used. I would definitely repurchase. Used it twice now and both times had a great outcome. I have sensitive skin with the occasional breakouts, a bit oily t-zone and relatively dry chin and jaw area. I am always extra careful when using cleansing products as my skin can get easily irritated. 

MIqura – danish skin care mask review

It’s a “bio-cellulose” mask made of 100% natural fermented coco juice. The mask fibres are supposedly 1000 times thinner compared to a traditional sheet mask. It’s the first sheet mask I have tried, so I can’t really say. But it is indeed extremely fine. The gel that the mask is soaked in is made out of active ingredients that are supposedly nourishing to the skin. The mask also contains Asiatic bamboo that is deep acting and absorbs bacteria. Sounds pretty cool right?! It’s pore refining, intensively cleansing and deeply purifying. Read more here.

Miqura pore refining mask review - anmeldelse.

It’s a bit messy and frustrating to apply, but I guess there is a learning curve to it :D. It kept running away from my fingers, but once it’s on your face, and you figure out where the eye holes are, you can adjust it so it’s completely comfortable. 

Miqura pore refining mask review veronicca popova blogger from aalborg

Miqura pore refining mask review veronicca popova blogger from aalborg

Miqura pore refining mask review veronicca popova blogger from aalborg
The mask has two “protective” layers you need to peel of to get to the real deal.

how I use it

Both times I used it was on make-up free days, so all I did is washed my face with warm water to open up my pores, dry my skin with a towel and then apply the mask.
There is a lot of liquid left in the package after you apply the mask, so I like to take as much as possible and just pat it on the already applied mask. Then I take a chill pill for at least 20 mins. When done, I would peel it off and rinse my skin.
Rinsing is not necessary, but I like to do it as there is some residue from the mask that feels sticky on my skin. And as I am usually doing it in the evening I don’t want to spread it all over my pillow. 

my results with it

My skin feels/looks so calm right after I remove the mask. It’s refreshing and cooling, as well as moisturising. Something you don’t see very often in cleansing masks, so it’s definitely a winner for me. Right after you remove it you can already see that skin redness & irritations are dramatically decreased. But the really good results for me were visible the morning after.  

It minimised my blemishes so much! And by blemishes, I also mean a pretty major breakout in my chain area that was on it’s way to healing. The mask definitely speeded up the process! The morning after I used the second mask, my skin was so visibly calmer & clearer. I am repurchasing asap! 

If I will have to compare to the Charcoal Origins mask, I would say this one is was more gentle and calming. Definitely, a better fit for my skin., even though the Origins mask does a way deeper cleanse. So I would say I will use the Miqura to keep my skin in check but when in need of a deeper cleanse I would go for Origins Charcoal mask.

pros & cons


  • Calms skin 
  • Very suitable for sensitive skin 
  • Remove redness 
  • Minimises blemishes 
  • Does not dries the skin 
  • Moisturising 


  • A bit messy to apply 
  • You look hella awkward while with it 
  • A bit pricey

Overall I am super satisfied with the mask, and am very glad I gave it a try. It’s a bit pricey but definitely worth it. I would highly reccomend you trying it!

lifestyle blogger aalborg veronicca popova
A review of their moisturizing mask is coming soon.

Hope you enjoyed this review guys 🙂 Have a beautiful day and talk to you soon! 

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