MAVALA Nail Camouflage Review

Hey guys, hope you are well! Today I am sharing with you a nail kit that is absolutely revolutionary for me and has helped me a lot with growing my manicure. 

Mavala Nail Camouflage Kit Review

My nails split a lot on my thumbs, index and middle fingers. It has always been like that, and I am unaware of the cause. By default, I have been able to grow my nails, but unfortunately, the splitting makes them weak, which will result in cracking and I will end up cutting them. Luckily I have a pretty big and well-shaped nail plate, so I like my nails even if they are not grown out. But I am definitely a fan of longer and more feminine manicure.
I have tried few nail hardeners, but never really stick with it as it just didn’t work for me. Before this product, I have never applied a nail hardener more than once, as I could see from the first use there is no point to it.
This nails kit, however, I have been using every time I do my nails for about 2,5 months now. It makes a huge difference for me. With these products, I am able to grow pretty long nails.
It doesn’t improve the quality of my nails, but it helps them grow out, by sealing the split and weak areas. The product allows my nails to grow long, even though naturally at this point they will be very weak, brittle and impossible to keep.
It’s not stopping the nails from peeling but is hardening them. Often I apply the products on an already peeled free edge and this way the nail doesn’t break, so I can grow it out and keep the length even if it has peeled and gotten weak already.


The first step is called “nylon fibre base”. After you apply it and let it dry, it creates texture to the nail and you can actually see the protective layer.
Step number two evens out the surface of the nail, and makes it ready for polish.  I wouldn’t say it does it perfectly, there is still some signs of the texture from Step 1, but it’s really not that dramatic. After Step 2 dries out, the nails are done for polish. It’s that simple.
It does take some time to dry out, and my advice would be to really take the time and wait for it to dry, between the steps and the nail polish.
Mavala nail camouflage review - Step One
My nails after Step 1.
Don’t be alarmed. My nails look pretty bad without polish right now, as there is colouring from the polishes I have been using lately and also the texture that the product creates. I know It doesn’t look good, but it’s just the first step, and it will get better from here on.
Mavala Nail Camouflage Review - Step Two
After Step 2.

This is how the nails look after step two, It’s visible that the surface is not more even and is ready for polish.

Mavala Nail Camouflage Review - Does it work?
These are the freshly done nails, where you can barely see the texture from the hardener.
So does it work? Yes, it absolutely works when it comes to hardening the nails. If you are unable to naturally grow your nails long, this is not going to help you. It doesn’t help nails growth and it does not heal or reduce nail splitting. What this product does, is it hardens your nails and allows you to grow them even after they peel and get weak (and that is if you naturally can grow nails, but can’t keep them long as they split and break).
Mavala Review Nails - Aalborg Beauty Blogger
I think it goes without saying, but I will definitely recommend this product to anyone who experiences split nails and troubles with growing them. You can find it at Matas physical stores or online HERE for example.
Good luck and I would love to hear about your experiences if any of you try it! That’s it from me for today, talk to you later :).

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