Aalborg to Mallorca getaway

Hey, guys hope you are well 🙂 Today I am sharing few snaps from our Mallorca getaway 🙂 I really needed a break from the bad weather and work so this trip came at the perfect time for me.

It was probably one of my most relaxing vacations. I didn’t do any work whatsoever, went to bed late, slept in and ate all the good food <3. The place is really beautiful and perfect for summer beach vacation.

lifestyle blogger from Aalborg - Veronicca Popova
Beautiful sunsets and palms everywhere <3.


In general, we spent our days sleeping in, going to the beach, eating all the food we want and taking long evening walks. Such a luxury to spend so much time with your loved one. I absolutely loved that we can go to bed whenever we want, get up late and just be together all day.
I love how you can walk around in a bikini all day and no one cares 😀 .
Lifestyle and Travel blogger From Aalborg - Veronicca Popoca
My granny hair-do.
Lifestyle and Travel blogger From Aalborg - Veronicca Popova
Fries all day, every day
The hotel we were staying at was a bit crappy 😀 As smart as we are, we thought it’s brilliant to save up on a hotel so we have more € for experiences. At the end, we probably spent more, as we just wanted to be out all the time. I guess such experience happen to teach us something – Don’t be cheap when it comes to the place you will stay at for a week 😀 .
 Anywho, it didn’t bother me as much it bothered Andreas, but in general, I think no matter what place we were staying in, we would want to go out all the time anyway.
Veronicca Popova - Travel Blogger from Aalborg, Denmark
Andreas always play safe with a pizza 😀

Fashion Blogger from Aalborg, Denmark - Veronicca Travel blogger from Aalborg - Veronicca

The first few days, I tried tanning, it didn’t take long before I gave up 😀 It’s so hot, it’s border line suicidal to stay in the sun and tan for hours :O . Andreas managed to get sunburnt wearing spf 40 :X The sun is insane this year.  After this trip, I just can’t stop thinking about what we have done to this planet, and how crazy the weather is getting! The heat is insane, it exhausts you so much, at the end of a day of not doing much you are beat. I am not sure if it’s just because we came from cold Denmark to super hot Mallorca, or I just can’t function in more than 30 degrees.

Lifestyle and travel blogger from Aalborg - veronicca popova

Aalborg Beauty - Nimue spf 40
Beach dream team – Vichy spf30 and Nimue spf40
Nimue Spf40 Face Lotion
Those babies will make sure that you dont get sunburned

Beach Time in Mallorca - Lifestyle and Travel Blogger Veronicca Popova

Beach Time in Mallorca - Lifestyle and Travel Blogger Veronicca Popova
Took 30 sec. before it all melted.
Another thing I loved about our trip was the fact there wasn’t a single day where I didn’t have fries, pizza or pasta and opposite to everything I believe in, my skin didn’t break out and I didn’t gain any noticeable for me weight. Apparently not much can happen when you are drinking about 5l of water, swimming and sweating all the time :D. I would guess all the giggles help too. 15 mins of laughing burn 40cal… Just saying.
Aalborg Lifestyle Blogger - Veronicca Popova
To sum it up, I would definitely recommend you to visit Mallorca, it’s a beautiful place, and perfect for a beach vacation. Rent a car and drive around, I promise you will stumble upon some stunning scenarios…
Hope you enjoyed this entry and it gave you some inspo for your next summer vacay :). Have a great Sunday and talk to you later!