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In this article I will review some of the Volumetry and TechniArt products Loreal has in their “expert” line.
I have mentioned before that volume is a hair goal for me, and I always experiment with volumising products. Last month I got a care package from L’oreal Pro Nordics with some of their best recommendation for volumising hair products.  I have now used them all for a good amount of time, so I decided to make a review and share my opinion of the products. This is not sponsored by L’Oreal, so it’s a completely genuine review 🙂

L’oreal volumetry shampoo and conditioner – review

It’s a gel based shampoo with a mild fragrance that definitely doesn’t stick around for too long 😀 .  Packaging looks good in my opinion, pretty solid as well, I also travelled with it and it didn’t spill, so it gets an A from me.
Price Range :

l'oreal professional volumetry shampoo review
L’Oreal professional volumetry shampoo – review

According to it’s general description it’s very gentle. First time I tried it it was after a coconut hair mask, so I was a bit unsure if it will actually be strong enough to clean my scalp successfully. So that time I shampooed twice, just to make sure there is no build up left. I also skipped conditioner. That was definitely not a good idea 😀 . The overuse resulted in drying out my scalp and adding frizziness.

Next time though I shampooed only once and applied the conditioner afterwards. The frizziness was definitely gone and I would say there was a good amount of volume added, but not as much as I expected.
Usually I try to wash my hair no more than 3 times a week, so for me it’s very important that the shampoo doesn’t weighs it down. I did notice that when pairing it with the conditioner my hair gets flat the next day.  So the conditioner is a no-go for me when I want volume.

When I tried it without conditioner, the volumising effect was WAY MORE visible. So I would say if your goal is volume, but you can’t skip conditioner, then pair it with a lighter conditioner. Generally I would say, the conditioner does a great job making my hair silky soft and shiny, but unfortunately weighs it down.
What I really enjoyed about both products was the fact that they leave no build up and you don’t feel any coating.

As a volumising hair products, I would definitely recommend the shampoo but not so much the conditioner. It didn’t do much for me, but it may do for you!

L’Oreal Professional Tecni.Art volume lift mousse and Root Lift Spray-Mousse – review

These two are now officially my go-to styling products. No joke about that. I have been using them for about a month and a half, with a total of maybe 8 times? But it’s enough for me to be able to say this is working for me.

L’OREAL techni.art Root Lift Spray Mousse- review

L'Oreal Professional Tecni.Art Root Spray and Mousse Review
L’Oreal Professional Tecni.Art Root Spray and Mousse Review

This one I use only for the roots. I use it on damp hair, right out of the shower and I spray directly onto the roots. As you can see the packaging comes with a very precise dispenser. I had to look it up before I realised that it is this way so you can target specific parts (you are supposed to use it only for the roots).
I would say there is no fragrance to it that sticks around. So if you like or dislike the scent it doesn’t matter as ones you blow dry it’s gone 😀 .
Price Range – 100 – 170 DKK

L'Oreal Professional Tecni.Art Root Spray Review
L’Oreal Professional Tecni.Art Root Spray Dispencer Allowes Root Targeting <3

I apply very small amount and just massage it into the scalp and try to make sure that there are no bulks of product just laying in one spot. Another thing that I am very cautious with is, applying to the right spots, meaning that I avoid applying product to the parts of my hair that are closest to my face, as I tend to touch them very often and in my experience adding products to that can make it real greasy real fast.

After applying I blow dry my hair with my head up side down and Viola! it adds so much volume and texture. For me it really works well, and it does what it says! It really adds a lot of volume to the roots and just lift my hair, it’s so visible compared to when I don’t use the product.
I wouldn’t say the volume will be the same the day after, but some will definitely stick around. I use this product only when I am going to blow dry and I only apply it in the roots on damp hair.
One thing is that you use it without blow drying it won’t have the volumising effect, it will definitely add texture and make your hair easier to work with, but that’s not what I am going for and I wouldn’t recommend it.

loreal professional tecni.art full volume mousse review
I had no idea this blouse makes me look like a prego 😀 . But nope, I am not.
loreal professional tecni.art full volume mousse review
So much more texture

I would say there are few things I pay attention to when using this product and can recommend to you. First is you need to find the right amount and the right spots to use it. So I would say, if you had a bad experience at first, just try it again in a different way as you might be applying too much/too little and to the wrong spots. Once I applied too much and the result was frizziness and flat looking hair sticking to my face.
The other thing is to make sure you take care of your scalp. As every other styling product with fixing capabilities, this mousse will dry out your scalp if you don’t take care of it. I would say you can use the mousse as often as you with as long as you make sure to moisturise your scalp just as much.


Adds volume
Dispenser allows root targeting
Good hold 
Doesn’t make my hair sticky 
No fragrance 

Can dry out scalp 

Can cause build up if used too often 
A bit pricey
Can get messy when using



This one I haven’t use that much but I think it’s enough for me to love it.

It comes in really standard packaging, again it doesn’t have much fragrance to it. It’s really fluffy and full and you can just feel on the palm of your hand it’s a good mousse. It’s not runny at all, and once you spray it, it expands it size instantly.

loreal professional tecni.art full volume mousse review
Full bodied mousse <3

loreal professional tecni.art full volume mousse review

I would only use this one if I am going for a particular hairstyle as it has a pretty strong hold (4). It’s perfect when I want to make curls or beach waves. (I will make another article showing how I do these hairstyles)
Again I use this one on wet hair, I don’t even do a real towel dry, just make sure it’s not running wet. I take a handful of mousse and try to spread it around equally.
Next step is a must and even though I hate doing this, it is necessary if you want to get the most out of this product. You need to comb out your hair, to make sure the distribution of the product is equal down the length of your hair. If you skip this, like I did the first time, you will end up with some really sticky, whitish parts in your hair and nobody wants that.
After application I blow dry with my head upside down.

I read many reviews with people complaining it didn’t really add much volume and they actually had to back comb the hair. This really wasn’t the case with me. After I blow dry I get so much volume and texture! It is pretty instant, I don’t need to do anything else.
Like I mentioned earlier I would use the mousse only if I want to create a particular hairstyle. So usually after I blow dry I give it some time to rest and create curls with the hair curler or tie it in a knot to get heatless beach waves. I don’t need any setting spray when using this mousse, it has a pretty strong hold. I don’t even own a fixing hair spray. 
So In general what makes it my go-to styling mousse is the fact it really adds volume, it didn’t make my hair sticky or frizzy and it has a good hold without weighing down the hair.

Just like with the root spray, you should be very cautious about the amount of product you apply. Little goes a long way for both products.. Another thing is if you use it too often like I witnessed during my vacation, it will dry out your hair so you MUST moisturise and take care of your hair if you want to continue creating beautiful hairstyles.


Adds Volume 
Doesn’t make my hair frizzy 
A little goes a long way
Good Hold
Perfect with heat styling

It can dry out your hair if you use it too much
A bit pricey 
Quite some chemicals present in it


That was it with my review I hope you enjoyed it and it helped you 🙂 Let me know if you have tried the products and if they work for you, or if you have some volumising suggestions!
Happy hairstyling and talk to you soon!


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