This leo trend came out of nowhere for me. Didn’t see it coming, but I am definitely guilty of loving it. Can’t believe that just a few years back, I used to find animal prints extremely tacky and unpleasant. Suddenly I see leo fitting every outfit, colour and print. I love what a trend can do to our perceptions. Usually, I don’t jump on every trend train, but this one I couldn’t resist.

slay the leo trend with freequent fashion

This toned down leopard print from Freequent Fashion, in particular, I am very fond of. I love the traditional print as well, but there is something very appealing about the cold colours and army vibe.

About my hair … I had long hair for about 5 years now? I really love the long hair, but I was starting to get a little bored of it. Also, I was so protective of my hair, I wouldn’t do any hairstyles so I don’t damage it. At the end I will mostly wear it in a bun, and what’s the point of having long hair when you wear it constantly in a bun … So I decided it’s time for a change! I chopped off quite a bit of it, but I want to shorten it more! Short hair is fun! I am digging it.

Freequent Fashion Denmark - Leopart Print

Leopard Print Trend Denmark Freequent Fashion Leo Print - Aalnorg Blogger

HERE is a link to the jacket if interested 🙂 .
in collaboration with Freequent Fashion


Hope you enjoyed hearing from me, and talk to you later!


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