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I have very mixed up feeling about goodbyes. Sometimes it can be so distressful to say goodbye, but it can also be a great opportunity to show appreciation. And that’s that kind of goodbye I had today.
I feel immense gratitude towards my Digogmigskagen team, and it was a little sad to say goodbye. They made me feel like I belong, and made me see Denmark in a whole new light. I have never before felt like a part of a team the way I did there. It was something that made me believe in a brighter future in Denmark :). The people were so down to earth, and treated me no different, in spite of my accent and difficulties in communication.
As silly and cheesy it may sound, this job made me believe that it’s possible to feel truly at home here in Denmark. And even though there were some inconveniences about it, I am very grateful for the experience.


My last train-ride rant 
One reason I am feeling good about leaving the job though is the fact I don’t have to do the train rides every day anymore. It was super hard on me and especially by the end I was so fed up with it, I couldn’t do it anymore. The worst part about it was that It will put me in a bad mood after work which had a huuuge influence on my social life and my hobbies, and all that is outside work.I love to keep myself busy and am pretty good at finding/creating fun projects. This was definitely not the case for the past 6 months 😀 . The commute to work will take all my energy and desire to do anything else. I would say this was the only bummer of the whole experience.
But this, of course,  taught me something as well. And it was that a work commute SHOULD NOT be longer than 20/30 minutes. I have this over-optimistic approach to most things, which sometimes is not the best way to go. So when I took the job, I was like, “Meeh, 4h on a train is nothing, I can get so much done, time will fly, and I will relax on the train!” WRONG. You don’t get anything done, you get motion sick and cranky.


Anywhoo, I want to end this on a positive note, as in general, feel very happy with my experience there. These were some of the sweetest Danish people I have encountered in a work scenario for my 5 years of being in Denmark. It’s a wonderful feeling, and it really makes you feel like more at home :). To any foreigner who wants to live in Denmark, I wish that you can experience such sweet colleagues and positive work atmosphere.


I am very glad to be back in Aalborg though. You guys know I love this city and I have missed it like crazy for the past few months. Can’t wait to catch up with all my friends, and be more present here :).
That was it for me for today! Wish you a beautiful Friday and talk to you later :).




  1. Very positive article! I am new to Denmark and I am glad to see there are people who can feel at home here and accepted here!

    Best wishes,
    Emil Beko

    • veroniccapopova Reply

      Hey Emil,
      Thanks for stopping by! And yes, you can definitely feel at home in Denmark! Good luck with all :).


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