Danish language is beautiful but just as complicated and complex. As a non-dane, I have my struggles with Danish like everybody else. 

     There are many ways to learn a language. Talk, talk, talk, practise, practise, practise we have heard them all. Of course that is nowhere near enough to learn the language, as If you don’t have the vocabulary it could get real boring real fast

    For me the most interesting way to observe, listen, and learn authentic Danish, is through TV shows with Danish subtitles. There I can learn a lot of new words and expressions I can practise later in everyday conversations. 

danish movies and tv shows that helped me learn danish

I know the struggle and I know how hard it could be, therefor I have made a short list with TV shows and movies that I personally enjoyed and helped me learn some Danish, and hopefully they will help you too:). 

These TV shows you can watch for free at dr.dk with Danish subtitles

Really interesting programme! The main concept is revolving around young entrepreneurs who pitch their ideas to Denmark’s most skilled investors. There are a lot of great inspiring people plus a good amount of drama and suspense. (and you can actually learn a lot about pitching an idea, making a business plan and other business related do’s and don’ts)

I am pretty sure you are familiar with the concept of this one. The essence there of course is in music, but you can still learn a lot of authentic Danish. 

These TV shows and movies you can watch with a monthly subscription on Netflix or rent it at Blockbuster.dk 

Brilliant movie! It’s based on a true story, It’s made really well, very touching and tells the story in a very smart way. Watching this movie, you can definitely see the both sides and relate to them. (Starring Mads Mikkelsen)

It takes us to a different time, and portraits really dark side of Danish royal history.
(yeah, we can see I have a little something for Mads Mikkelsen … in my defence, who doesn’t 😀 !)

It’s a bunch of disturbing jokes, cringe worthy situations and pure Danish humour. It’s hilarious! But, seriously, don’t watch it with your parents…. you are welcome.

3 seasons TV show. It’s a very dramatic and authentic political drama. It really touches some of the most controversial situations in politics, I highly recommend it. It was the first Danish tv series I watched, and I loved it.



I would love to hear what you think of these TV shows and movies, and what kind of recommendations you might have! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hey! I enjoyed reading this post. We have only watched Borgen but we loved it although I can’t say that we learnt a lot of Danish!

    • veroniccapopova Reply

      Hey dear, thanks a lot, I am really glad to hear you enjoyed it!
      Ahh yes, Borgen is really good, but I know what you mean, it can be very difficult..

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