Liking feature on Insta comments? 

I am just gonna go ahead and say it now… I am not a big fan and it’s for for few reasons 😀 . 

First of all, Instagram starts to get a bit spammy! Keep it simple guys, we love the story, we love the boomerang, you got some pretty useful features (like deleting your search history, can I get an AMEN from stalkers like me)… but this now?  Would be so nice if we had the option to choose if we want be able to receive likes on our comments or not… 

If you interact a lot on the social media like I do, you will get too many notifications.

But besides the regular like/comment/tag now the comment like.. It’s a little bit too much. Long time ago I have turned off the notifications on my phone, as it drains my battery like crazy, and really no point to it. But I would always get my notifications in the app. The thing about missing a notification got way more real now though 😀 . 

There is a limit how much notifications Instagram will show you. I have asked around a lot and I came to the conclusion there might be a difference between accounts. But to me it will show no more than 80. 

Meaning that I can miss some notifications overnight for example (Instagram obsession alert). I don’t get that many all the time, but with the comment like thing now, it’s not that hard 😀 . Instead of getting one notification from the person who replied to your comment you will get 2 because he also liked it … But then his aunt saw it and liked it too, so you got a new notification, followed by some of his buddies who liked it as well, and bam it’s a major mess.
So if I have commented on your photo and you are reading this, don’t like my comment please 😀 .

Anywho, not a big fan of it yet, not sure I will become :D. I interact a lot on Insta and I don’t need likes on the comments as it is spammy for me, also doesn’t look super good on the app 😀 . 

So guys, I would love to hear what you think of this new feature, hate or love it? Don’t have it yet?  That’s also possible 😀 , they release it in waves, but you will get it, don’t worry :).  Worry for when you do get it :D.

Hope you enjoyed this short post, would love to hear your opinions on the matter. Have a beautiful day and talk to you later!


  1. I just got around to reading this (after the polette post ;)). I don’t have the feature yet, but I agree with you. WAY too many notifications, meaning I also miss out on connecting with awesome followers (such as you!)

    • veroniccapopova Reply

      Thank you for stopping by dear! And yes, it did get a bit chaotic. I am slowly starting to get used to it, but am as well afraid I miss a out on connecting… Anyways, hope you have a beautiful day!

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