Hey guys, hope you are well! Today I am sharing my Sugar daddy experience…almost 😀 .  Hevi is the first Danish cosmetics brand providing with organic body hair removing products. They have everything you need for waxing at home, from body scrub to finishing lotion. Today I will share with you, my experience with their Wax, Sugar Scrub, and Body Lotion. Hope you enjoy!

what is sugaring

Sugaring is a body hair removing treatment that uses natural sugar and water. The treatment was practiced for centuries throughout Greece, the Middle East, and Africa. It’s by far the most gentle waxing technique according to the experts and promotes fewer hair ingrowths. 

hevi sugaring – wax review

Hevi sugaring products are a 100% organic. The wax consists simply of sugar and water. You can even eat it if you fancy. The wax can completely dissolve in water, making it super easy to clean up after your procedure. I did it on the couch, and made quite a mess, no surprise there, but it was really easy to clean up and there were no stains.  I have mentioned before I have sensitive skin, so I am extra careful with all products I put on my body. The wax, lotion, and scrub didn’t give me any unpleasant surprises, so I would say all products are suitable for my sensitive skin.

Hevi sugaring - review. Veronicca popova lifestyle, fashion blog Aalborg
Got to love the “gender equality” package 😀
Hevi sugaring - review. Veronicca popova lifestyle, fashion blog.
Stripes and wooden spatulas are included in the package. Sweet!


how to use it & my experience

I have never tried Sugaring before, so it was all new to me and I have nothing to compare it with. But I will share my experience anyways and hopefully, it will help you make your decision. 

I am pretty light on body hair, so I wouldn’t say it has ever been a big concern of mine. I do however am a bit lazy when it comes to shaving my legs 😀 so waxing seemed like the good choice for me. I haven’t had many issues with ingrowths, but of course, it does happen once in awhile and when it does it’s always a pain in the ass. 


    The first thing you have to do is create your little salon. You can just place a towel on your couch and just have all your products ready near you. You will need the wax, the stripes, and applicator, which are all included in the package. 


    The wax needs to reach around 40 degrees and can be heated up in the microwave. I used a water heating, though, as I am not a big fan of the microwave oven :D. I brought up a container of water to boil, let it cool off a bit, and placed the whole container of the wax in it. That way I could make sure it will hold warm until I am done waxing.
    You can use a food thermometer to make sure you have reached the correct degree, but I didn’t have such. It’s possible however to feel it on your skin and on how easy it is to apply. 
    40 / 45 degrees should feel rather pleasant, nothing that causes discomfort. The substance should be with such consistency that you can easily apply and spread out a thin layer. 

    Hevi sugaring - review. Veronicca popova lifestyle, fashion blog. Hevi sugaring - review. Veronicca popova lifestyle, fashion blog.


    The application should be really easy if you have the correct temperature. I dipped my wooden spatula in the jar half way and used that as a measuring for the amount 😀 . Then you spread a thin layer on the desired area. To make sure you got all the hairs covered, you can run through with the spatula 2, 3 times, but don’t allow it to get cold. I did that and it wasn’t a good idea 😀 just wasted a good amount of wax.  


    After you have applied the wax, don’t allow it to get cold, but quickly place one of the strips on the wax. What surprised me here is that you remove the stripe in more of a peeling motion than a pulling one I have seen in traditional waxing. You can use one stripe 3-4 times in the same session. (after use, you can wash all, dry and reuse again) .

  5. PEEL
    You “peel” the stripe in the direction of your hair growth, which is, I believe, the reason why it doesn’t really hurt much. After you peel the majority of the hair is gone! And it’s from the root.
    It’s unpleasant, but wouldn’t say “painful”, It is A MILLION times less painful than the epilator. Epilators should be banned by law. 

And that’s about it. You repeat the same process until done. Once you got all the hairs you can easily clean up any residue with warm water and pat dry :).


It does remove the hair from the root, you can see it after you pull of the strap and it’s rather painless. I will recommend it to all my hairy and not so hairy ladies & gentleman, who are tired of shaving 😀 .
Two weeks after waxing, still no sign of hair on my previously, heavily shaved legs! It’s like a miracle 😀 .  Things are looking good, I will most certainly continue using it, and I think it will be perfect time optimiser for Summer! 

The most convenient thing about it is that you make your own schedule and you handle it by yourself, at home… Perfect for the ladies who also are shy to get a Brazillian. The best part about using it in the bikini area is that it minimizes ingrowth, and for most ladies & gents this is the are with worse ingrowths…  

Reg. the process… 

In general, there is a learning curve to all process like application, heating and removing the stripe. The application was way messier for me in the beginning than now, after 2 uses.
The process, in general, is a bit slow. I would say you really need to be in the pamper mood to do it, as it’s pretty time consuming and by the end, I started getting impatient. It took me an hour to do my legs the first time 😀 . But again, there is a learning curve, and the more you do it the faster you will become. 

pros & cons


  1. Rather Painless
  2. Fewer Ingrowths
  3. More then 3 weeks hair free for me
  4. Do what it says
  5. Organic & Natural ingredients
  6. No animal testing


1.  Can be a bit messy
2.  A bit of a slow process

sugar body scrub & lotion

I absolutely love the body scrub! It’s, hand down, the best scrub I have used. I do a lot of tanning in the summer and I have tried different scrubs, so I have what to compare it to. The sugar can feel pretty rough on the skin but it’s infused with coconut & jojoba oil, which makes it a rather pleasant experience. It makes my skin SO SOFT. I am absolutely in love with the results after scrubbing & applying the lotion.

Hevi sugaring - review. Veronicca popova lifestyle, fashion blog.
First sugar scrub I try. Made of sugar & jojoba oil.

Hevi sugaring - review. Veronicca popova lifestyle, fashion blog.

I would most certainly repurchase as It’s really rather painless, and it saves tons of time on shaving. Hope you enjoyed this review guys. You can try out Hevi in this month’s GoodieBox HERE or purchase on their website HERE.
Hevi sugaring - review. Veronicca popova lifestyle, fashion blog.

Thanks for stopping by guys, hope this review was useful for you. I know it got a bit long, but it’s quite a process 😀 .  Let me know what you think, happy waxing and talk to you later :*.


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      Thanks sweetie! Have you ever tried sugaring?

  1. Oh I hate the epilator!! Such pain. But this sounds kind of nice. Especially if you can do it once every few weeks!

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