mind and body rituals for 2017

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by! Today I will be sharing a short article with some of my “beauty & health” 2017 resolutions.

I am the happiest when I have my routines. Unfortunately once I break a routine It’s so hard to get back to it. And I create so much mess in the meantime that takes a lot of effort to fix. When I have my routines and rituals I feel soo good, I am way more productive, centered and focused. I have been out of routine for awhile now :O and I can deff. feel it affecting my mental and physical health, so my goal is to get them back in my life <3!

I consume SO much sugar on daily basis, that I live in fear I will get diabetes :O . If I do though, I will know why 😀 …

It can be so hard for me to find balance when working out. Usually I will either way push myself too hard and get too obsessed with or stop completely and the results are not my favorite. My body or diet or whatever are not made for excessive exercising and when I do so the outcome can be negative. I get very tired instead of energised, my skin breaks out, I get very stressed and unhappy if I miss a day of work out. So my goal for this year, is to be able to find a balance with my workouts and do maybe 2 a week, so I can keep myself happy, healthy and motivated!

I tend to do the same in my diet as I do with exercising. So my goal this year is to listen to my body find balance and enjoy food!

I buy way too much beauty products most of the time just because it’s a good deal :X So I end up with drawers full of products I have used just once or twice. I can’t throw them away as I feel bad, so I just keep piling 😀 . This year’s resolution will be to think more when buying beauty products.

These are some of my health & beauty resolutions for 2017. I try not to make plans but more like “plans of action” and instead of thinking what I am going to do when I reach a certain “goal” in my life I try to focus on how I am going to get there. Foe me It’s all about the journey and I try to enjoy every single bit of it, instead of fixating on the end results expecting it’s what will bring me happiness 🙂 .

Did you guys make any sort of resolutions for 2017? Goals or plans? Let me know in the comments below and talk to you soon :* !

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