Grøn Koncert in Aalborg

Grøn Koncert in Aalborg was a total blast! It was a first for me this year, and I am so happy with how it all went down.
I got the tickets as a birthday present for Andreas as he loves concerts. Also, I really wanted to see The Minds of 99 perform live. Noone gets a crowd going, with so little effort, like those guys.
In general, the quality of all performances was pretty good. The confetti didn’t hurt either. I get SO excited by confetti, fire and all those exaggerations at concerts :D.
The weather was total crap, but to be honest it kind of made the experience even better for me. It allowed me to let go of my vanity and just enjoy the show. It’s very rare I wear gummistøvler and rain clothes 😀 In a way, it’s very freeing to not care at all about how you look. Walking around in the mud like that made me feel like a kid. A kid that drinks a beer or two, but you get me.
The best part about it was the fact I got to share it with my special person. Eating pizza in a muddy field with your favorite – something you can’t put a price on.

Without over exaggeration and getting too carried away, I would say we both had a great time and would definitely give it a go next year aswell.

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Gron Koncert Aalborg 2017 - Lifestyle Blogger Veronicca Popova
Eating pizza in a muddy field with my other half – priceless
That’s how muddy it was :O

I hope you all had a great time and got home safe 🙂 Which was your favorite performance and did the rain bother you? Thanks for stopping by and talk to you later!



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