first time my Danish boyfriend will visit Bulgaria

I am so crazy excited, it’s unreal!  In only few days I am traveling home (from Aalborg to Sofia) for Christmas! I haven’t been home in exactly one year, meaning I haven’t seen my family and friends in quite awhile! 😀

I miss it like crazy. Usually it’s total madness, and I am sure the ones who live very far from their families know what I am talking about…. There is so many people you want to visit, so many things you want to do, so many coffees to drink and time is never enough.

But this year it’s gonna be way crazier.. I am bringing Andreas with me 😀 ! First time the family meets the boyfriend! First time the boyfriend meets the family! First time he is going to see where I grew up, where I went to school, meet my friends!

Andreas and I have been dating for two years now, and It’s a huge deal for me that he is coming to Bulgaria.
He has never been to Eastern Europe, so I can only assume It’s gonna be a crazy culture shock for him 😀 . Denmark and Bulgaria are two beautiful,  amazing countries in many ways! But vastly different when it comes to the people, culture, infrastructure and so on. So I am extremely curious of how is he going to like the surroundings there 😀 .

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For the record, that is my scarf!

There is so much I want to show him, so many things I want to do with him. I want to take him to places he is going to experience very authentic Sofia city and Bulgaria in general.
So many things I love about my country and so many things about my past (teenage years) that I think would be super interesting to him 😀 ! (yeah, I am very full of myself ) Like, where I went to high school, the cafés I would go with my friends when we are skipping classes,  things like that ! 😀

But of course.. the most important part is the family. I reall,y really, really miss my family, and my trip is mainly going to be focused on spending time with them.
And I can’t be happier that Andreas is coming with me! He is a HUGE part of my life, and I and the most natural thing to is to introduce him to my family.

I am not worried at all if they gonna like him or not, as he is crazy likable 😀 , what worries me is that my mom and dad don’t speak English …. Sooo communication suddenly becomes very difficult. And I know very well (my personal experience) how out of place one might feel when you have such a language barrier. Of course it’s not that dramatic in this case, as it’s family and I would do anything I can to make it as little of an issue as possible.. In general I would say I am more excited then nervous. But of course, given how I tend to overthink things, I am nervous 😀 .
The ones who are in multicultural relationship know what I am talking about 😀 . From a digital marketer, I am suddenly going to be a professional translator. Of course I don’t mind at all, as I get to translate whatever the fuck I want 😀 .

Anywho, I am crazy excited, I can’t wait! I will keep you guys posted with how is it going as much as possible! All is left now is the packing madness, and traveling adventures!

Have a wonderful evening and talk to you soon! <3


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