Garnier nutrisse lightning spray

I lightened my hair by 2, 3 shades, using the Garnier NUTRISSE, Truly Blond lightening spray. It took me about 4,5 days using the spray daily to get the results.


story time

When I was younger I used to lighten my hair by spraying it with lemon juice and allowing it to dry in the sunlight, and this is how I thought the lightning spray works as well. So when Andreas and I went to Mallorca this summer, I took my Garnier with me.

I would spray it all over my hair before we go to the beach and take the spray with me so I can reapply every time I was laying in the sun. I could see a difference from day one. My hair was getting lighter and lighter, to a very beautiful, natural, sunkissed blonde colour. So, of course, given my excessive greediness and vanity, I kept on using it.

One sunny day, I had just sprayed it all over my hair and was chilling on the balcony in the 32° heat waiting for my hair to dry. It was so hot and the sun was blinding, so I couldn’t have my phone with me. My only entertainment was my bottle of Garnier. And that was the moment when I turned the bottle around and read the instructions on the back.
Oh the panic…
I read that you are supposed to apply it no more than ONCE A WEEK! Oh no, what have I done…. I had been applying it several times a day for almost a week. I remember the panic in this moment, I was thinking I will probably lose my hair :O . And it will be my fault, which is even worse!
Thankfully the only damage was that my hair got extremely dry, but there wasn’t too much fallout. I started doing all sort of hair treatments very frequently (mostly hot oil treatments), so I think I am now in the safe zone. But seriously… Read the instructions people, don’t be like me.

Soo, did it lighten my hair? Yes! Did it dry the s**** out of it? Also yes. Was it the product’s fault? Absolutely not. 

To conclude this, I would say this product did amazing job lightening my hair, with probably 2, 3 shades.  But I completely misused it, so I don’t know how it will work when used correctly… It did lighten my naturally dark blond hair quite a bit, but the way I used it also caused unnecessary damage. So I would not recommend you to use it the way I did, even though the colour was beautiful. If you decide to go for this product, please read and follow the instructions :). You can find it in Matas or online here.

Hope you enjoyed this short article! Have a great day, and talk to you later!



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