Copenhagen is a really attractive city, so full of life, energy and no less character. It’s been roughly 4 weeks since we moved here, and all I could think of is why didn’t we do this sooner?
The feeling of euphoria is still very strong, so I almost can’t trust my current opinions. But one thing I know for sure…Being here feels right. I feel like I belong, and this is definitely where I should be right here and right now.
Past year was filled with so many question marks, concerns and a general feeling of being lost. Moving here feels like the best decision I have made in awhile.


On a less cheesy and touchy-feely note, Copenhagen has already made me question all I know about Denmark and Danish people. Currently, I am experiencing a completely different side of Denmark and Danish people, and let me tell you I like it quite a bit!


Five years of living in Aalborg gave me a certain understanding of the country, that now I see was very wrong. Or at least it showed only one side of Denmark. A very sterile Denmark in a way. Strangers never interacting with each other, a strong feeling of order and law obeying, as well as lack of diversity.
These observations and opinions I had are completely under question now, and I am rethinking everything I thought I know about the country and the people. Danes come in all sorts of shapes, forms and colours. Strangers do indeed interact with each other, and people are not that fond of the general laws and regulations (like littering & speed limits 😀 ). 


Aaanyways, Copenhagen is absolutely stunning. Four weeks passed in the blink of an eye. I can’t get enough of the beautiful architecture, nature and culture. There are so many places I want to explore, cafés and restaurants to visit and events to attend. All I hope for is to have the time and opportunity to do so :).

That was it from me for today, hope you enjoyed this short update. Thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon!

Living in Copenhagen

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