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I love braided hairstyles and this one is my absolute favorite at the moment. It’s pretty hard for me to braid my own hair, but with this hairstyle in particular it’s possible, without too much hustle. I am not the best at it yet :D, but it comes with practise, (after few mental breakdowns, disappointments, cry outs and arm aches)Β and I can see that every time i recreate it it gets better and better. πŸ™‚

how to – double french braids

Veronicca Popova Blog Double French Braid
French braids work great with long and short hair
french double braid veronicca blog
I purposely make one braid bigger, as It brings more attention to my good angle πŸ˜€


veronicca blog french braidveronicca popova blog double french braid

This is one of my favorite tutorials for this look. She is amazing beauty guru and her video tutorials are pretty easy to follow.
There is A LOT of blah blah blah, in the beginning and the actual tutorial starts around 3:00.


Hope you enjoyed this short post, let me know what you think of this hairstyle and talk to you soon! <3

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