Hey guys, hope you are well! Today we are back on the topic of organic skin care with a guest star – Evolve Beauty.

Earlier on the blog, I have mentioned the Miracle Oil from Evolve Beauty, which has been a part of my routine for months now and I still love it. You can read my review and experience with it HERE.

Today I wanted to share two new products from the same brand that I enjoy using a lot. Given my skin history and frustrations, I would never share a product I don’t think is good, give a misleading review or just fake some results, as I know how painful ones skin journey can be, and I wouldn’t want to be a part of the disappointments.

EvolveBeautyDenmark Cleanser and Mist Review

If you have followed me for a while, you would know that I have used some more aggressive products to take control over my breakouts over a long period of time, which resulted in a skin dehydration on a deeper level.
So nowadays I like to switch things. When necessary I still go for more aggressive products, but when things are looking good I like to use something more gentle and natural.


Daily Detox Face Mist Evolve Beauty

This product is great for some extra hydration without leaving any residue and stickiness. It contains hyaluronic acid which has been linked to improving skin elasticity and slowing down ageing processes.

I spray the mist on clean skin before applying the rest of my skin care products. It calms my skin, and it helps getting rid of redness. Sometimes I get redness around my nose, which of course is no big deal, but still, I am happy to see it improving.

One of my favourite things about this product is that it promotes protection from daily pollution that we are exposed to. We as humans have done a great job polluting the environment and now we are even better at complaining about the damages this pollution does to us, which is pretty significant.
Pollution can cause uneven skin tone, clogged pores, premature ageing and even skin cancer…. Yeah, pretty scary …
Most important is of course that we focus on reducing the damage we have done to the environment and eventually turn this train around. But until this happens it’s good to have products that can help protect our skin.  The mist acts as a barrier to the harmful toxins around us. I would definitely recommend this product for some extra hydration and protection of the skin.

You can see all ingredients, read more reviews and purchase the product HERE. 


Evolve Beauty Denmark Skin Products Review
All Evolve Beauty Denmark products come in beautiful packaging where 75% of the bottles are post-consumer recycled bottles!

Like I said earlier I like to switch my products once in awhile, just to give my skin a break from certain ingredients. And that’s where Evolve Beauty fits perfectly.  The cleanser is 99% natural and 89% organic.

The cleanser is very gentle but still effective with surface impurities. As I have sensitive skin, everything that has calming effects is welcome. With many products, I can’t afford to use daily as they can dry my skin or irritate it. But I do need a daily cleanse since I have combination skin and oily T zone. The Evolve Beauty cleanser offers a very gentle cleanse, so I am comfortable using it daily, after removing my makeup and sometimes even in the morning, before applying skin care and makeup.

Even though it’s 99% natural, it’s pretty effective, even for oilier skin. I have enlarged pores on my nose and generally around that area, which does need some special attention. The cleanser removes all the exes oil but does not dry my skin. It even claims to have some detoxifying properties on surface level thanks to ingredients like Goji Berry and Moringa.
Another great thing for me is that has not yet sparked any breakouts. I feel confident that it won’t, but of course, with skin like mine, you never know. It’s all so unpredictable.

My overall comment for this product is that it does a great job for the surface cleaning of the skin, without irritating it or drying it. Definitely recommending it to my sensitive skin fellas.

You can see all ingredients, read more reviews and purchase the product HERE.

That was it for me for today! I hope you enjoyed this short review and got inspired to try some new products. Talk to you later!


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