Hey guys, I hope you are well! I have decided to make an updated skincare routine and introduce you to some new products I have been using and absolutely loving.  You know skin care is very important to me, and I have had my fair amount of struggles with breakouts and pimples. But what is also very important to me is sharing. When I find a product that has helped me, I immediately want to share, as I know first hand how frustrating it is when you try to improve your skin and nothing is working. I am not saying that these products will magically improve your skin, but maybe they will help you on your journey like they helped me :).  A lot of the products that I will talk about I decided to try thanks to some reviews and recommendations I found online. So I think it’s very important to share the good and bad experiences and help each other in our skin care :). Let’s start with cleansing …

Dermalogica Medibac Review

Dermalogica Medibac Cleansing Gel Review

After I ran out of my Nimue cleansing lotion I decided to try something new, something a little less aggressive. I feel like my Nimue routine, could have dried my skin out a bit.
So I decided to try a new brand which was Dermalogica and the Medibac cleansing gel.  The whole Medibac line is designed for people who have combination/oily skin and struggle with breakouts, acne and pimples. I tried other products from the line and even though I didn’t purchase, they were beneficial for my skin in regards to the breakouts.
I use the cleansing gel mainly in the evening after removing my make up. The product cleanses my skin very well without drying it out much. It doesn’t contain any soap, fragrance or colour. After I cleanse my skin, I apply serum and moisturiser which I will share with you in the next entry.
The gel is not meant to be used as a makeup remover, so It doesn’t remove makeup, and you will have to start with a clear skin.  I use it every day, and I have a combination skin that is also sensitive. I have used almost two bottles of it, and for the moment it’s my go-to cleansing product. It leaves my skin feeling very fresh, but most importantly It has improved the texture, I get way fewer breakouts, and it has not dried or irritated my skin.
Helps with breakouts/pimples
Improves skin texture (helps with minimising pores and small bumps etc.)
Removes all exes oils. but doesn’t dry out the skin
Suitable for sensitive skin
Doesn’t have any yet
My Skin type: 
Combination skin
A bit more oily T-zone
Prone to breakouts – mostly hormonal/ TOM – breakouts are usually around the jawline
Visible pores on the nose


One bottle is 250ml and lasts quite a long time for me. You don’t need to use much of the product, and even though it’s on the more expensive end, I think you get enough product for the money. Usually the price is around 300dkk, but right now on Cocopanda for example, you can get it at 200dkk. This is not a sponsored entry, I just love Cocopanda, they have so many good discounts, a great variety of brands and the delivery for me (living in Aalborg) takes only a day. It’s my absolute go-to beauty webshop.
**One thing I can recommend you is to find a physical Dermalogica store/section and request a tester. If you live in Aalborg you can do that in Salling (2nd floor, skin care section). It’s very important to test your products before purchasing :). What works for me might not works for others.


Hope you enjoyed this review, found it helpful and got some inspiration for your Black Friday shopping :). Talk to you later!



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