Danish pd3 exam, it’s time

Signed up for my Danish exam today… Boy oh boy the stress…
Most of you probably know I live in Denmark but I am not Danish. I do however want to learn and freely speak Danish. It’s not only the language barrier (that takes the life away from me), but simply because I really like the language. I love the way it sounds, I love how unique it is and how little popular it is outside Scandinavia. So speaking Danish for a non-scandinavian is almost a super power 😀 . 

Danish is pretty hard, and as I am self-learning atm, it’s a rather slow process. It’s not impossible, though, and I am pretty excited about it, I enjoy practising it, and I take pride and joy in the small victories 😀  so I can see it happening in the near future.

So the Danish exam I am going to hold in not too long is a pretty serious business. It conducts of Reading (comprehensive )Writing (grammatical, essay, etc. ) & Speaking on a relatively high level… And I am nowhere near that level. So currently I have around a month and a half to get there. The hustle is about to get real 😀 .
I know I kind of shoot for the starts signing up for the exam today, as I could have waited and done it after the Summer, when I actually feel ready for it, but I will really give it my best and hopefully it works out!

I need this exam for several reasons, one is to help me improve my confidence in Danish, aaand to help me finally get my residentship. I would say both are pretty important, one a bit more then the other, you can tell which one I suppose 😀 .    

So I better pull my sh*t together and study hard, otherwise, my laziness could cost me 1500DKK I could spend on coffee & cakes instead… Soo… 

Anywho, felt like sharing, in case you guys have some studying tips. They are all highly appreciated! 😀 Have a beautiful day guys and talk to you later! 

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