Vegan & Cruelty-Free Hair Care

Not so long ago, I decided to try and exclude the beauty products I have that are tested on animals and replace them with cruelty-free or vegan products.
I was pretty surprised to find that a lot of the brands I was using are actually testing on animals. Quite disappointing.
I am no expert on animal testing in the beauty industry or any industry for that matter, but what PETA is showing does not seem okay at all, and I am trying my best to not support brands who would do that. Fortunately for the user animal testing is becoming less and less popular, so hopefully soon enough we can have brands like MAC & L’Oreal use alternative ways to test their products.

How to tell if a beauty product is cruelty-free or vegan?

Just look at the packaging, if it’s cruelty-free it’s most likely going to be stated on the package, if not it’s probably tested on animals. If there is no indication on the packaging, you can always do a quick Google search. The brands that do not test on animals tend to be pretty vocal about it. So my advice is, if you can’t find an answer right away on your google search, they most likely are testing on animals.
Below are few of the brands I didn’t know test on animals, and what you can replace them with :).
MACNYX, GOSH, Lumene, Essence, Too Faced, Urban Decay
AussieMaria Nila, Paul Mitchell
Origins, NUXEOle Henriksen, REN, Dermalogica, Nimue Skin Technology, Dr. Hauschka  
Giving up beauty products and replacing them with cruelty-free ones can be challenging. I don’t want to go into depth on the topic, as it’s a pretty sensitive one, or portrait myself as an expert, but I think it’s good to be aware and try to limit the use of brands who still do animal testing.


Maria Nila Vegan Hair Care Review

Today I will share with you the brand Maria Nila, which is cruelty-free and a 100% vegan! I tried their shampoo and salty styling mist.

I use only volumising shampoos, so I have tried many and I have what to compare them to. I used the shampoo a few times now, and I am very happy to see that it gives just as much volume and thickness to my hair as the product I was used to (Aussie’s volumising shampoo, which unfortunately tests on animals).
Not only that but it doesn’t dry out my hair or scalp. If you use volumising hair products you have probably noticed that they tend to dry out the hair, and as we are in the static, frizzy season now, this will only make the frizziness worse. So I am very glad to have found a shampoo that does not do that and still gives my hair volume. The product is free of parabens and sulphates, as well as infused with Vitamin B5.
It’s very gentle to the hair and scalp, and it does what it says. I would highly recommend it to people who need more volume in their hair and want to avoid the frizziness that comes with a lot of the products.

Gives volume (infused with vitamin b5)
Doesn’t dry out the hair & scalp
Designed to protect coloured hair
100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free

A bit pricey


The Salty Mist spray is very lightweight salt spray. Traditionally you would use a salt spray to create a beach messy look, but that’s not what I use the Salt Mist for.
Since it’s pretty lightweight and light hold, it doesn’t make my hair sticky, instead, it gives a lot of texture and makes it easier to style. I apply it to wet hair and blow dry to get the more volume. It works wonders for me. The mist gives my hair a lot of texture and volume which holds the day after as well.
You can use it as a salt spray as well and create beautiful messy waves with it, just by applying more of the spray and drying the hair in a bun.

Gives texture
Makes the hair easy to style (curls, braids etc.)
Non sticky
Doesn’t dry out the hair & scalp
Designed to protect coloured hair
100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Non yet

Cruelty Free Hair Care - Maria Nila
This is day 2 after using the shampoo and blowdrying with the Salty Mist. A lot of the volume and texture is kept, and my hair is not static :).

Here are links to the Shampoo and Mist. 

The products were sent to me by, but my opinions are absolutely genuine :). Hope you enjoyed my review and it helped you find some cruelty-free beauty brands to try out :).

Have a great week and talk to you later!



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