The more jewels and sparkle the better! I know, I am such a stereotype. But how can a girl not love a little glamour?

I love pretty things. It’s not so much about having them, just looking at them, enjoying them. I am not one of those people who obsess over possessions, no, but I like admiring beauty in every shape and form.


And jewellery, oh my…  can’t say no to that. Today I am sharing this beautiful piece from Chanti. A 9 karat gold with a white zircon gem, perfect eye candy for those who like a little sparkle :). It’s a very gentle, beautiful design and easy to wear, doesn’t require you to glam up.

Chanti ring - 9 karat gold

Chanti Jewellery Ring

Packaging of
The box that it comes in is also very stylish and edgy.
Beautiful Ring from
It will make a beautiful Christmas gift for a special someone ;).
Chanti jewellery Denmark
A little close-up. And yes, I should double up on that moisturiser.

That was it from me today, I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got some Christmas gift inspo. You can find so many beautiful pieces at Chanti, and have them delivered the next day 🙂 .
Enjoy your online shopping spree and talk to you later!

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