Lumene CC cream with Arctic Lingonberry          I have been Lumene’s biggest fan for about 2 years now. I think it’s the most underrated cosmetics brand out there. But I don’t mind, as if they get more hyped, prices will jump too :D.  But I just had to share with you, as this is the BEST CC cream I have ever tried.  I have been using this product religiously for 2 years now, winter and summer and it has never failed me. Skin type I have my occasional breakouts every month and I have some scarring from…

       I wear perfume for myself, It adds up to my mood and general well being. As ridiculous it might sound to some people, others (scent freaks like me) understand it perfectly.  Perfume is the most intense form of memory – Jean Paul Guerlain         My sense of smell is emotional, a scent I fancy must evoke beautiful feeling in me. When it comes to my perfume choices, a lot depends on the state of mind I like to put myself in. A perfume can have a great impact on my mood, and can enhance almost any experience.…

Welcome to my blog!

This is my first entry on this blog, and I would like to just start by saying thank you for stopping by. This is my personal, lifestyle blog where I would love to talk with you guys about fashion, beauty, love and life in general.

I am very excited to finally start working on this as it has been a project in my head for a long time now. I really hope with this blog I manage to meet and connect with as many like minded people as possible and learn as I go.