Gym decency rules at fitness world are ridiculous

Hey guys, glad to see you stopped by! So In this post I will share a short story of how I got BUSTED by the GYM POLICE 

So in general, I am very free with my body, open minded person and don’t really give a shit of what people do with theirs, as long as it doesn’t affect me. Call it open minded, selfish, whatever. Point is, I don’t judge by any physical attributes shape or form you come in as long as you are a nice person. 

So having said that, I think the ones who can relate, know that people like us expect the same open-mindedness from others, which of course can’t be always the case. We encounter many situations where you just feel the injustice.  But the worst is when it’s coming from the least expected places. Like the gym, and in this particular case Fitness World.
There has been so many body positive, inspiring, love yourself messages passed by the Fitness World that have made me think really high of this place, until recently when I actually decided to sign up.

Right now they are running a really cool offer where you have NO SIGN UP FEE  and you pay only HALF PRICE until the end of the year! Pretty cool, eh? 
So I jumped the gun right away, signed up, all super excited to try out some new classes. 

As usually I work out at home, or outside, (I am a total gym noob and know nothing about gyms) I don’t really have a cool workout set, but for this occasion I decided to buy one. So I got me this super cute simple black set with a training bra and leggings.

veronicca blog fitness world
I am such a girl cliché with my pink towel and bottle 😀

Off I go, first time in this gym. Plan was to do some light stretching and some pilates, just to get me going again.

So as I am doing my workout, headphones in my ears, totally in the zone  one of the gym employees (who is pretty awesome btw, her class is now my favorite) rushes over to me, and vigorously tries to explain me something. I remove my headphones and unfortunately for me what she was saying was that I can’t wear such revealing top, and I need something that is long enough to cover my stomach

Usually I can get way too involved in confrontations when I feel like someone is undermining my basic rights, (yeah, I do think it’s a basic right to workout in the training bra I just bought, and is so cute ) but in this case I really didn’t have the resources as sweat was dripping and I had hard time catching my breath, and in all honesty I got a bit embarrassed. 

You don’t get busted by the gym police very often, so I was unprepared, especially because I had NO IDEA I was doing something wrong. You know how sometimes when you do something, and you know you might be crossing a line,  you get few arguments ready in your head in case someone confronts you. Well that wasn’t the case… 

But of course, I had to ask, if I have offended someone with my NUDITY, or what’s up?!  She kindly explained it’s just the gym policies, and I can’t be flashing my stomach like that, as someone might get offended (my stomach is known to be so RUDE to people).
And even though I got super pissed off, I realised that she is just an employee, she doesn’t make any calls, and unloading on her would be pretty rude and kind of stupid

Soo.. I had to leave, as I didn’t have any longer workout clothes (I also brought a cropped jacket, oh I was sooo wrong…). My alternative would have been working out in the sweater I came with. But who knows, maybe they have an anti-knit policy too. 

Generally I disagree with this policy, and I think it’s absolutely unnecessary and people should be able to work out in a sports bra. It’s very comfortable and in no way indecent in my opinion. But that’s not the only thing that really pisses me off with this situation, It’s the fact that the gym itself doesn’t follow their own policies!

So why I say they are HYPOCRITES is because they feature girls in training bras on their home page. No censorship there? Where is the decency patrol now? 


veronicca blog fitness world
Screen shot from FitnessWorld’s webpage
veronicca blog fitness world
Screenshot from Fitness World’s webpage

I mean come on…
I am no gym expert, so maybe I am wrong, (please correct me if I am)  maybe it’s some special working out bra, but the thing is, it’s showing her stomach, and I was told it’s against gym policies to show mine? Really?
Sooo what I am trying to say is that if you want to have those “stomach censorships” in the gym then start by applying them to your homepage

In conclusion I would like to say that for me there is no bigger motivation then seeing my own body’s progress.. and also I overheat extremely fast so training bra would be my desired gym outfit.  And even though I strongly disagree with this policy madness, It doesn’t mean I will stop visiting. I still like the classes, I like doing a fun dancing workout together with some pumped up people… It’s just a shame, I can’t do it in the way I want to. 

Of course, we can’t always get our way, and if the gym has come to the conclusion that it’s SO OFFENSIVE to others to show your stomach, then let it be that way, just update your website and make sure it fits your own policies. 

That was it with my rant. It just feels so good to get it out of my system:D. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Does your gym has such policies and do you get offended by people working out in training bras? No hatred here, both opinions are valid :).

Have a great day, stay positive, and fight only the fights that matter <3.


  1. Great post! I strongly believe that everyone should workout in a comfortable outfit whether it’s a sports bra or a knitted jumper! Every person is different, so they need to understand that. I don’t see why showing your stomach is offensive in any way! Well done for continuing to go, if I was in your place maybe I would have stopped going haha.. enjoy your workouts hun 😘

    • veroniccapopova Reply

      Amen to that! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion hun :*

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