Ahh the bomber…Oversized, embroidered, pink, black blue you name it, there is a style for everyone out there!

Funny thing about bomber though…They were quite popular in World War I. How come you wonder, well originally the bomber jacket was created for military pilots and it was called a “Flight” jacket. 

But obviously that style escalated quite quickly and took over the fashion world. 

Global funk – Danish brand

So today I will share with you, one of my favorite bombers in Fall 2016. And it’s this beautiful, mad red bomber from Global Funk.

It’s quite simple and minimalistic, following the traditional shape and structure of the original jacket. What makes it absolute eye candy, is the pretty colours it comes in, rib details and beautiful zippers.

Love the colour
Polyester beauty

It’s a short style, so there are endless possibilities of how to style it. The transition between an everyday look and evening chic is pretty seamless with this one. I can easily pair it with a LBD and hit the bars or with a casual knit and leggings for an everyday look.

I hope you enjoyed this short post, let me know in the comments below what you think of this jacket and if you got the bomber fever. See you later!

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