Lumene CC cream with Arctic Lingonberry

         I have been Lumene’s biggest fan for about 2 years now. I think it’s the most underrated cosmetics brand out there. But I don’t mind, as if they get more hyped, prices will jump too :D.  But I just had to share with you, as this is the BEST CC cream I have ever tried.  I have been using this product religiously for 2 years now, winter and summer and it has never failed me.

lumene cc cream review

Skin type

I have my occasional breakouts every month and I have some scarring from my teenage years, in general, my skin type is normal with a little bit oily t-zone and relatively dry chin & jaw area. 

I am not sure what’s the right term for this but I can say my skin can be a little “see through” :D. Meaning that on my eyelids and a little bit on my temples you can see blood vessels right through it :D. 

I don’t like wearing foundation, I am not a big fan of very thick coverage and personally, I believe I don’t need it. (maybe just for an evening look). So for me CC & BB creams are the way to go. I still haven’t found a BB cream that works for my skin type but this CC cream is my perfect fit.

Review Lumene CC cream in shade Light
Lumene CC cream has great moisturising agents.


To begin with it, it’s really easy to blend in, and within 5, 10 mins after application it adapts to your skin and looks very natural. It doesn’t set itself however, so it will transfer to your fingers or your boyfriend’s shirt. 

It has a very illuminating glow finish, which is probably my favourite thing about it. You almost don’t need a highlighter with this CC cream. 

The coverage and lasting effect is crazy good. For a CC cream, it has a bit more then a Medium coverage and It lasts for about 6,7 hours with no need of retouching. I don’t use concealer underneath it as it does a great job covering my scars. 

I have naturally pale skin. Body skin tone is cold but my face is with more of a warm tone. (you can tell if your skin tone is warm or cold by the way your veins appear, blue/purple = cold, green = warm). Usually it’s very hard for me to find a foundation or BB cream that doesn’t appear orange or too white-ish on me.

I have tried the Light and Medium shades. I use the Light in winter time and Medium/Dark in Summer. They both blend in perfectly with my skin tone. It’s hands down the best CC cream for pale ladies like me. The Light shade is the lightest one they have, and it’s so far the most suitable colour for my pale skin. 

lumene cc cream review 2016
wearing Lumene CC cream

The CC cream is infused with some great moisturising and antioxidant ingredients so you can feel it actually improves your complexion and keep you moisturised throughout the day. That’s why it’s my must have in Winter. Not only that it does a great job covering my imperfections but it keeps my skin safe from the harsh weather

I hope you enjoyed this review, it’s absolutely genuine, I am not being paid to say that 😀 I am a true admirer of this product. I usually buy it from HERE . Unfortunately It’s not available in physical stores in Denmark, but the delivery on Cocopanda take just few days :).

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