FalL, I love you

It’s almost that time of the year again! Autumn is my absolute favorite season and for so many reasons. I love the colours, the holidays, the food and the spiced lattes. (excuse me for being so basic, but PSL taste goooood). It is so magical to me, I love when trees change color, and everything is so beautiful. Nothing like enjoying a walk on a warm Fall day in a killer outfit, as fall gets all the good outfits too. Layering is so much fun, and the colors are so beautiful.

But to be honest, I think it’s something much more than the aesthetics this season brings to the table. My brain has been programmed to be more productive at this time of the year, due to all the school years I believe. And I love being productive, I love getting stuff done. Usually, I am happiest when productive. Of course, it has to be something that makes me feel good and I see a point in, but you get me. I love the feeling of “getting back on track” or just shaking off the feeling of nothingness and unproductiveness after a summer vacation.
How do you feel about Fall? Are you ready to get back on track or could use another summer vacation? 🙂

“Autumn carries more gold in its pockets then all other seasons.” – Jim Bishop
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