Complete your fall wardrobe with these affordable pieces

Hey guys, hope you are well! Today I am sharing three really cute Fall pieces that happen to be on super affordable prices.

First, is this super pretty clutch from Glitter. Perfect mini size and really cute. Even though it’s a clutch, the way it’s shaped makes it pretty spacey in a way. You can easily fit your phone, hairbrush, some makeup, wallet and so on. The quality is nice, fake leather with some golden details.  I got mine in the physical Glitter shop in Aalborg, but you can purchase it online for the same price HERE. Current price is only a 100DKK.

Accessories for Fall - AAlborg Blogger Veronicca
Super cute black clutch bag with golden details. Bought it in Glitter shop in Aalborg.

Another accessory, (that is more like shoes :D) I wanted to share, are those H&M ankle boots. I actually haven’t purchased them yet, as I got gifted another pair of ankle boots, but am absolutely in love with them. Really pretty shape and some cool, edgy details, that are so in this season. Current price is only 349DKK.

H&M ankle boots, fall accessories

Another piece I wanted to add to this list, is what I can only describe as the most comfortable jeggings I have ever owned. These are the “ADA” jeggings by Kaffe clothing, and are, hands down, my favourite jeggings at the moment. Here is the link to them, I will highly recommend you to check them out. They have lots of beautiful fall pieces.

Aalborg Fashion Blogger - Fall Outfits

That was it for today guys, hope you enjoyed this short entry, and I will talk to you later!


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