December 2016


My hair used to be very thick when I was younger, but it has progressively thinned down. (first world problems alert!)  Could be all the heat mistreatment, smoking, alcohol, diet…unfortunately there are so many factors affecting our hair. For the past 4 years, I have been a huge fan of long hair so I try to maintain a pretty long length. But it comes with a price, the longer the hair, the less volume in the roots 😀 . And let’s be honest, we all love a voluminous mane 😀 .
So today I will share the products I have been using lately to keep my hair voluminous (very suitable for the ladies and gents that are on a budget).

Liking feature on Insta comments?  I am just gonna go ahead and say it now… I am not a big fan and it’s for for few reasons 😀 .  First of all, Instagram starts to get a bit spammy! Keep it simple guys, we love the story, we love the boomerang, you got some pretty useful features (like deleting your search history, can I get an AMEN from stalkers like me)… but this now?  Would be so nice if we had the option to choose if we want be able to receive likes on our comments or not…  If you…

NUMPH Denmark winter collection Hey guys, if you are anything like me, black is your spiritual animal 😀 . Wearing black is the easiest way to go! Okay that’s a lie… hardest thing ever is to find a particular garment in an all black wardrobe 😀 EVERYTHING LOOKS THE SAME! It’s just a big black mess… Anywho.. Decided to share few more snaps of this lovely long cardigan from Nümph’s winter collection. Great edition to my black ensemble! Have a beautiful day guys and talk to you later!