Get to know me better

Today I am sharing 15 random facts about me. It’s the first time I make this kind of article but I find it very fun to read these from other bloggers, so I thought you might do too :). Enjoy!

1. My name
My name actually spells Veronika with a single K, but when I was a teen I added the two CC as I thought it sounded really cool :D.

2. I wanted to study medicine
When I was younger I wanted to study medicine, and always had 12s in Biology.

In high school, I became obsessed with English and wanted to live somewhere where I could speak it.

4.Love stand-up comedy
I absolutely love stand up comedy. It’s my favorite kind of entertainment.

5.Worst critic
I am probably my worst critic. When it comes to my creative work, pictures, in particular, I always think to myself, “you can do better”.

6.I wanted to live in America or Japan
When I was a teen I also became very obsessed with Japan and America, New York in particular. It was, still is one of my dreams to visit them and maybe try living in America one day.

7.My dream is to be independent business owner
One of my biggest dreams is to be an independent business owner, to have “my thing” where I can put all my energy and time.

8.I look a LOT like my dad
I look way too much like my dad. Especially when I was a kid. I was probably a bit boyish looking and he was a bit girlish, but when you look at pictures of us like kids, you can say it’s the same kid.

9.I have misophonia aka don’t eat, breathe or swallow near me.
It simply means that the sounds of people eating, swallowing or breathing can bother me to a rather extreme extent. But not always and not from everyone. I really don’t understand how it works yet. It has a lot to do with if I am tired, stressed and how my feelings towards the person are. Weird.

11.I have never dyed my hair
Nope, never!I have wanted to, many times, but many people have told me that I have a rather unique natural blond colour that if dyed probably won’t restore again to its initial state.

12.I am much taller than my older sister
Probably about 7, 8 cm and I am pretty sure I am already 2, 3 cm taller than my dad :D. Apparently, I ate something very special as a kid.

13.I believe in ghosts. Big time.
Yep. And therefore I don’t watch horror movies with ghosts, my imagination is wild enough already.

14.I get easily excited
I get excited, hyper and happy super easily.

15. Retro Music
I really like retro music, especially the 70s and 80s.

Hope you enjoyed this short article, it was definitely fun to make! Do we have something in common? 🙂 I would love to hear!
Thanks for stopping by and talk to you later.


    • veroniccapopova Reply

      True that! 😀 Thanks for stopping by :* .

  1. OMG #9, me too!! I can’t stand the sound of people eating and breathing hahaha. The worst. Enjoyed reading your about me 🙂

    • veroniccapopova Reply

      Haha, ahh I feel you! Going to a restaurant with a headset on is always welcome :D.

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