Ooh here come Valentine’s day hypocrites… I wish I didn’t get triggered by this, I wish I cared less about insignificant things like that, but it really rubs me the wrong way 😀 .

The trend of hating on Valentine’s day is so absurd to me. It’s just a day dedicated to celebrating romantic love like you have Mother’s day or your freaking birthday. On your birthday you celebrate with all your friends the fact that you were born. The day you were brought into this world. There is a special day that is meant for appreciating your existence. And yes, you expect people to treat you more special, to spend more time with you, to celebrate because IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY. Do you see it? So you are fine with having a special day celebrating your existence, but then it’s not okay to do something extra for your partner on a day meant to celebrate romantic love?
How hypocritical is this?
People go out of their way to make sure everybody knows that they don’t need a special day to show their love and appreciation and they always do it. And they don’t need flowers, and chocolates and blah and blah, and every day is Valentine’s day in a healthy relationship and blah and blah.
And yeah, we get it.
No-one says you MUST have flowers and chocolates to celebrate. If you think this is what that day is about, then you have got it all wrong.
How you celebrate it is really up to you.
I also don’t think you must have candles and cake on your birthday. But I like to have it, I also like to make extra time for my loved ones, to gather all together and have some good time. Because it’s my birthday, and I love celebrating it that way.

Maybe you don’t like celebrating romance and that’s fine. But don’t go around hating on people who like to do something special. Just remember my birthday analogy, and hopefully, that will give you some clarity on the matter.

Andreas and I celebrated last weekend. We dressed up, went out for a dinner, got wasted and watched a movie. And I loved it. And if you have something against it, I would kindly ask you to point your unwanted commentary in a different direction.

Aaand I am done. Hope that wasn’t too ranty for you 😀 . But do you see my point? Do you also get annoyed by the V-day haters? Anywho, wish you a wonderful Valentine’s day and talk to you soon!


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